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Lenovo digital human dialogue program "AI Talk": AI PC is the preferred terminal of AI Pratt & Whitney

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Shulou( Report--

As the "C position" of the current science and technology industry, the breakthrough and continuous upgrading of large model technology have become the engine to promote the explosive growth of artificial intelligence field, bringing new possibilities for all walks of life. IDC predicts that the global AI market will reach US $308.28 billion in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of about 26.7% from 2023 to 2026. PC, as an important driving force in the field of science and technology, brings many leaps in technology, application, ecology and business model. When AI meets PC, PC industry will usher in a key turning point. What kind of subversion will AI PC bring? How does AI benefit everyone?

With the above questions in mind, on December 18, Lenovo's first digital dialogue column "AI Talk" was officially released in the second phase. In this issue,"AI Twin" by Wang Chuandong, vice president and chief marketing officer of Lenovo Group in China, and "AI Twin" by Sheng Beidi, general manager of Public Relations and Communication Department of Lenovo Group in China, were invited to have a "digital dialogue" to discuss the development and future of AI PC together around the theme of "Lenovo AI PC."

* The digital human model was trained by Lenovo ThinkSystem ST650 V2 server.

It is generally believed in the industry that China's PC industry has changed from terminal miniaturization and graphics to networking and mobility, Internet technology and cloud applications have further enriched software architecture, and web pages and apps have become the main interactive modes. Today, PC is entering the third historical technology cycle, PC hardware upgrade to AI heterogeneous computing, large models and Al native applications become emerging software, interaction mode upgrade to natural language interaction. PC has full modal man-machine natural interaction conditions, can carry the most complete scenario productivity platform, and is by far the strongest personal computing platform, while PC is also the largest storage capacity, the most trusted security terminal, the emergence of AI PC is inevitable in history.

"The establishment, deployment and application of large models require multi-modal natural language interaction, complex general scene functions, strong local intelligent computing power, and sufficient and trusted personal data storage and protection functions. Wang Chuandong believes that "among many intelligent equipment terminals supporting large models, PC stands out because of its many inherent advantages, and AI PC will become the first choice terminal to open the era of large models." "

Wang Chuandong pointed out that a real AI PC product should have five characteristics: first, embedded personal agent to realize multimodal natural language interaction; Second, embedded personal large model composed of local large model and personalized local knowledge base; Third, local hybrid AI computing power with full standard CPU+GPU+NPU; Fourth, connect open AI application ecosystem; Fifth, provide device-level personal data and privacy security protection. The combination of AI and PC will form a new hybrid of "computing platform + individual large model + AI application," namely AI PC.

A few days ago, at the first AI PC Industry Innovation Forum, Lenovo and IDC jointly released the White Paper on AI PC Industry (China), which deeply discussed the historical inevitability of the combination of AI and PC, as well as the basic definition, value and product characteristics of AI PC, as well as the changes brought to the industrial ecology, and made a summary forecast for the future market development, providing framework guidance for the industrial ecological development.

The white paper points out that AI PC industry ecology will shift from "application-oriented" to "people-oriented," from application-driven to intent-driven, users will become drivers and creators of industry ecological innovation, and terminal manufacturers will advance to become ecological organizers. AI PC will open a new AI PC ecosystem that is very different from the past: people-oriented, terminal-led, AI-native. 

As a full-stack intelligent leader and the world's No.1 PC brand, Lenovo once again stands at the forefront of the industry, launching Lenovo AI PC Pioneer Action, launching AI PC Eco-Developer Program and AI PC Content Creative Competition for AI eco-developers and AI content creators respectively. At the same time, as the exclusive AI PC partner of Intel Artificial Intelligence Innovation Application Competition, Lenovo will provide developers with a series of support systems for artificial intelligence application development and application landing by providing AI PC equipment and expert team preparation guidance and full-process review, so as to accelerate the implementation of AI PC.

With the rapid development of AI technology and the joint promotion of industrial ecology, AI PC will become the mainstream product in the market. IDC predicts that the proportion of new AI PCs (AI laptops, AI desktops) in the Chinese PC market will rise rapidly in the next few years, reaching 85% by 2027, becoming the mainstream of the PC market.

AI PC breaks the traditional application mode, it can provide personalized creation, service and equipment management and other assistant services, for work, study, life and other scenarios bring unlimited possibilities, AI PC becomes everyone's personal AI assistant (Personal AI Twin), and will penetrate into every aspect of our life and work. "2024 will be the first year of AI PC. Lenovo hopes to work together with ecological partners to benefit everyone, every family and every enterprise through AI PC. "Wang Chuandong said.

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