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NetEase Yan Xuan new: panda fiber latex pillow 59 yuan Jingdong departure (official website 99 yuan)

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Shulou( Report-- [NetEase strictly selects the official flagship store]

NetEase strictly selects panda fiber latex pillows at a daily price of RMB309. he issues an order with a discount of RMB1990.He gets a discount coupon of RMB20 + 10%. The hand price is RMB59:

10% discount coupon: available under the title of the product details page. NetEase strict selection panda fiber latex pillow superimposed above 9 discount coupons after 59 yuan 20 yuan coupons NetEase Yan Xuan official website daily price is 159 yuan, the activity price is 99 yuan: click here to view.

5D three-dimensional partition, multi-directional support.

Scientific filling ratio, both softness and support.

Three layers of air layer jacquard fabric, the skin is not muggy.

Washable machine, not easy to deform, not easy to agglomerate, not easy to pilling.

Enlarge the pillow and turn over freely.

Fabric composition: 100% recycled cellulose fiber (surface layer) 100% polyester fiber (middle layer) 100% polyester fiber (bottom layer)

Filler: 91% natural latex 9% other (upper) 100% polyester fiber (lower layer)

Product size: 48*74*11*7cm NetEase strictly selected the panda fiber latex pillow to superimpose the top 9 discount coupons for 59 yuan to get 20 yuan coupons.

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