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Gao de Dong Zhenning: "invisible" Gao de Cloud Picture, to build a new infrastructure in the time and space Internet era.

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Shulou( Report--

Recently, Dong Zhenning, vice president of Amap, said when attending the industry summit that the development of the Internet, after experiencing the information Internet, communication Internet and commodity Internet, has now entered the time-space Internet era, and the map platform, as the medium of the virtual and physical world, is becoming more important than ever before.

He pointed out that since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Amap has always been committed to connecting the real world, making a living map, and constantly accumulating technology and capabilities for the arrival of the space-time Internet. This kind of capacity-building can be divided into "visible high virtue" and "invisible high virtue".

"visible Gao de" refers to the well-known Amap APP, which provides users with integrated and omni-directional travel and location information services, while "invisible Gao de" actually refers to a series of space-time Internet science and technology capabilities accumulated over the years, which are provided to partners in an open mode and integrated into the 360th line.

"Gao de Yuntu's mission is to help build the 'invisible Gao de', connect 360 lines through open services, create a new time-space Internet infrastructure, and become the space-time Internet base for society and industry." Dong Zhenning said.

According to reports, in order to better meet the needs of digital, real-time and intelligent space-time Internet technology upgrading of industry users, Gaode Yuntu recently officially released the independent research and development of artificial intelligence twin engines-"Yunrui" big model and "cloud" AI immersive 3D platform.

Gaode Yunrui spatio-temporal model is a large model based on map point, line, surface and body spatio-temporal data, which has the ability to fuse hundreds of billions of spatio-temporal information and multi-source data. it can provide enterprises with more comprehensive and accurate prediction and analysis capabilities based on the spatio-temporal dimension; it can cover transportation, retail and other industries, and help customers realize the perception, prediction and decision-making link landing in the aspects of location selection, inventory, traffic management, management analysis and so on.

On the other hand, Gaode Cloud AI immersive 3D platform is a fully automated and high-quality 3D reconstruction platform based on 3D implicit spatial modeling and artificial intelligence deep learning, which supports a variety of data access, including not limited to UAV aerial photography data, laser point cloud data, fisheye camera data, and even ordinary mobile phone / camera data. AI fully automatic and high-precision 3D scene restoration can be realized. It can be widely used in many fields such as urban digital twins.

According to reports, the platform has the ability to generate space reconstruction of cities, parks, indoor and other scenes, and can provide more efficient and accurate space-time intelligent technical support for urban comprehensive management, park management, traffic management, and equipment management.

In order to vigorously promote ecological construction, Gaode Yuntu will also launch the "Cloud chain Thousand Sails Project". In the early stage, it will provide an ecological development fund of 100 million yuan. Through extensive cooperation with industry-university-research, 10 spatio-temporal laboratories will be built together to promote the application of spatio-temporal models in many industries. Joint industries will build 100 industry products to effectively solve the pain points of the industry in the process of digital integration. Develop 1000 industry ecological partners to jointly expand the industry market; finally, 10000 industry application experts will be trained for the industry to achieve an adequate supply of talents.

"in the future, Gaode Yuntu will continue to open up new spatio-temporal infrastructure capabilities to help 360 partners create broader and far-reaching value. I hope that ecological partners can work with Gaode Yuntu to become operators of spatio-temporal Internet infrastructure." Dong Zhenning said.

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