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MediaTek Chairman Cai Mingjie won the "Semiconductor Nobel Prize": Tianji helps lead the semiconductor industry to make continuous breakthroughs

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Today, MediaTek's official Weibo post announced that Mr. Cai Mingjie, Chairman of MediaTek, has won the Robert N. Noyce Medal of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). As one of the highest honors of IEEE, this award recognizes Mr. Tsai Ming-Kai for his vision and influence on the global semiconductor industry to help billions of users around the world experience advanced technology.

MediaTek has made continuous breakthroughs in product technology in the past three years. Tianji 9300 and Tianji 8300 duo stand firm in the high-end flagship market. For example, according to a recent research report by Morgan Stanley, MediaTek's Tianji 9300 flagship chip has surpassed Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Apple A17 Pro, and is currently the most powerful smartphone SoC on the market. With leading technology and products, they talk about leading the all-core AI era of mobile chips.

These results will push MediaTek's market share to a new high. In terms of sales, MediaTek will have about 20 per cent of the smartphone chip market in 2023, while Morgan Stanley estimates that with the help of Tianji 9300, its market share will reach 30 per cent in 2024. Shipments of the Tianji 9300 are expected to reach a record-breaking 20 million.

Not only that, MediaTek is also deploying AI technology in all directions, using end-cloud collaborative "hybrid AI computing" to build a "full-scene intelligent new experience" for end consumers. Nowadays, the development of AI is in the ascendant, especially the generative AI has set off a wave of scientific and technological revolution in the world, and the large-scale popularization of AIGC is imperative. MediaTek not only supports generative AI technology in Tianji 9300, but also takes the lead in generating AI in light flagship platforms such as Tianji 8300. Together, the influence of terminal-side generative AI can infiltrate into the hands of more consumers from the flagship market, and more and more users will enjoy the changes that AIGC brings to work, entertainment and life through smartphones.

In addition, based on the leading advantages in semiconductor, wireless connection, AI and other technologies, MediaTek is also accelerating the promotion of comprehensive intelligence in various fields, and it also has leading innovative products and technologies in satellite communications, intelligent travel and smart home. This year, the automotive field released the Dimensity Auto vehicle platform, which provides a complete AI intelligent cockpit solution for software-defined cars. The comprehensive product line layout also reflects MediaTek's leading position in the field of full scene intelligence.

For winning the IEEE Robert N. Noyce Medal award, Cai Mingjie said: we have been watching small transistors have a great impact on human life for decades. MediaTek has the privilege of promoting innovation and benefiting billions of people around the world from the benefits of science and technology. It is very pleased with the rapid development of the world semiconductor industry, leading MediaTek in promoting technological research and industrial development, and striving to make more people enjoy the convenience of science and technology. and inspire the next generation of engineers to continue to contribute their brainpower and scientific and technological capabilities to improve the world.

Under his leadership, MediaTek is leading the development of the semiconductor industry with strong technical strength. I believe that in the future, MediaTek will show stronger competitiveness and leadership and create a better new era of science and technology.

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