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Liang Zhihui: AI Agent is an important direction of large model application.

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"in the era of big models, everyone can be enhanced. All industries are worth redoing with big models." On November 29th, Liang Zhihui, vice president and head of model application of MS2023 Group, shared the new trend of application landing practice and intelligent marketing of the top model enterprises at the 8th Ling Eye Award held in Shanghai.

Liang Zhihui, vice president of 360 Group and head of 360 model applications.

The tide of large models is surging, artificial intelligence is developing at a high speed, and the door of the intelligent era is opening. Every enterprise hopes to seize the development opportunity of large model technology, so as to establish a unique advantage in the fierce market competition. However, generative models are not omnipotent. Lack of industry knowledge, prone to hallucinations, and the high threshold for cue word engineering learning have become obstacles to breaking the circle of large models. Mr Leung said: cue word engineering will stumble 99 per cent of people, and only AI enthusiasts will be proficient in large model prompting skills. For enterprises, what they really need is the industrial application of large models, not industry big models. The goal of 360 is to "pull the big model off the altar" and lower the threshold for use so that everyone can use it and everyone can use it.

Talking about how enterprises use large models, Liang Zhihui believes that the application of large models should enhance their strengths and avoid weaknesses, give full play to their "strengths" in content generation, logical reasoning, and knowledge questions and answers, and avoid "weaknesses" such as hallucinations and lack of industry knowledge. let the big model assume the role of "co-pilot", not only maintain the key role of people in the decision-making loop, but also let the big model decompose tasks and implement our ideas.

From chatting robots (Chatbot) to assistants with specific knowledge (Copilot) to Agent with complex technology, industry knowledge and tools, artificial intelligence continues to evolve, while AI Agent is the "killer's mace" for large models to land. At present, the intelligent marketing cloud has taken the lead in adopting the Agent model, raising the capability limit of the large language model (LLM) through the multi-step implementation of Agent, making the large model more powerful, thus opening the "new door" of man-machine cooperation. Agent mode enables large models not only to recognize human intentions as a "brain", to think about decomposing tasks intelligently, but also to grow "hands and feet", automatically use tools, call various API, execute tasks, solve problems, and achieve goal results, and become a general agent system. To put it simply, Agent can complete tasks independently, has the ability to adapt to complex scene problems and has the advantage of solving complex problems.

Relying on the support of large model ability, knowledge base training ability, Agent Studio, digital human technology, etc., 360Intelligent Marketing Cloud has successively launched AI digital human, AI digital employee, 360intelligent drawing and other products, using AIGC to enable marketing full link, achieve content production efficiency improvement, personalized intelligent recommendation, innovative unlimited expansion, and bring subversion and change for the industry.

To make good use of the large model, we should first give play to what we are good at, focusing on the pain points and rigid needs of the enterprise, while the office scene is the most appropriate entry point. In his speech, he said that 360AI digital employees focus on improving the efficiency of internal production, adopt the AI Agent approach to deal with problems, identify users' intentions, carry out search enhancements, and then divide the project into detailed workflows, allowing the big model to perform each sub-task step by step. In the whole process of workflow, the large model is searchable, readable, writable and callable API, so that the execution of each step is based on the results of facts. Workflow structured human experience in the field of expertise, so that everyone can inherit the experience of experts. After using AI digital staff, Baolong Square in Hangzhou Science and Technology City can quickly generate a copy of Little Red Book in 2 minutes, saving 80% of its creation time and increasing its work efficiency by two times.

In addition to the generation of marketing copy, 360 Smart drawing brings empowerment in the creation of image materials, through the workflow under the marketing scene to meet the individual needs of the vertical industry, easy to use, accurate and controllable to generate high-quality marketing materials. The traditional brand IP image design requires a professional team, the cost and time are not low. Based on the ability of Wensheng diagram and graphic drawing, 360 smart drawing can generate and deepen creativity, intelligently adjust details, change background, carry out multi-size extension, greatly improve output efficiency, avoid copyright risk, and enhance the richness of advertising materials.

At the same time, the vivid and intelligent AI digital human has become the entrance for us to interact with the big model, which makes the interaction between enterprises and consumers have a new experience, and has a far-reaching impact on the pattern and path of industry development. Liang Zhihui said that 360 wisdom brain has redefined digital people, injecting "souls" into them. The AI digital man supported by the large model is no longer a repeater, but a service-oriented digital man with multi-round dialogue ability, interaction and connection to the business system. They can be virtual tour guides, meeting hosts, corporate customer service and product recommendation officers. At the scene, Lao Zhou shared a free switch between Chinese and English across time and space, which attracted the attention of the attendees. Offline stores, digital all-in-one machine to undertake customer service responsibilities, attract customer experience, the entry rate can be increased by more than 15%.

With the large-scale commercial application of large models in marketing and other fields and the rapid development of AI Agent, the industry is bound to show an explosive growth trend. AIGC will reshape the mode of production of digital content, open a door for enterprises to enter a new world, and lead the society to a new era of digital civilization.

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