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The welfare of T3 travel drivers' health care day comes to protect the drivers' physical and mental health.

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Shulou( Report--

Not long ago, T3 travel once again sent a wave of benefits to drivers, and the price of household medicine was reduced by 7%, adding some warmth to the coming winter.

(photo Source: T3 trip)

The health status of ride-hailing drivers has aroused concern.

According to incomplete statistics, nearly 1.4 million new drivers have been added in the ride-hailing industry in the past year, and ride-hailing drivers have gradually become one of the hot industries, but at the same time, the health status of ride-hailing drivers has also attracted everyone's attention.

From the "investigation report on the Occupational Health of ride-hailing drivers" released by T3 Travel this year, it can be found that the bodies of many ride-hailing drivers are in a state of sub-health. Cervical spondylosis, gastropathy, scapulohumeral periarthritis and lumbar disc herniation are the most common occupational diseases among ride-hailing drivers.

(investigation report on Occupational Health of T3 ride-hailing drivers)

T3 travel offers a variety of health benefits

In order to improve the sub-health status of drivers, T3 travel launched a variety of health and welfare activities.

From the above, T3 travel provides free personal accidents to high viscosity drivers across the country, including triple protection of accidental death and disability benefits, accidental injury payments and accident hospitalization allowances, and T3 travel has also become the first travel platform in the industry to issue accident insurance free of charge.

(photo Source: T3 trip)

In terms of physical examination, the "Sifu Plan" currently being promoted in T3 travel includes a free physical examination program to regularly check the physical condition of T3 drivers and take care of their health. At present, the free medical examination of T3 travel has covered more than 20,000 self-operated drivers across the country. T3 Travel also issues free physical examination cards to drivers in Changsha and other operating cities, reminding drivers to pay attention to their health and check-up on time.

From the consultation, in order to facilitate T3 drivers to see a doctor for consultation, T3 travel announced that it has reached a cooperation with Health, officially pushed out of the online consultation at the driver's App end, to provide drivers with targeted, practical and intimate and convenient services. And every month on the health care day to promote drug benefits, with lower prices to obtain household medicine.

(photo Source: T3 trip)

T3 appears to guard the driver's physical and mental health.

In addition to physical health, T3 travel will also pay attention to the mental health of drivers, after all, ride-hailing is not only a travel industry, but also a service industry, in the face of a variety of driving services, some drivers will inevitably be too stressed. For this reason, professional psychological counselors are specially invited to record psychological counseling videos and conduct live online interaction for T3 on-line drivers, so as to provide systematic psychological care services for drivers and help T3 drivers strengthen their mental health management.

(photo Source: T3 trip)

In addition, T3 travel "Sifu Plan" has launched "aggrieved care" to encourage T3 drivers to keep calm and deal with problems objectively and rationally. in the face of malicious complaints, T3 travel will also issue certain "consolation money" to comfort drivers and care for their mental health from various angles.

Finally: online car-hailing serves as a mobile terminal, connecting passengers at one end and drivers at the other, who are employees and partners for the travel platform. If the ride-hailing driver does not have excellent physical quality, how can he provide better service for the platform? T3 travel is aware of this, so pay special attention to the health of drivers, behind all kinds of benefits, is T3 travel to protect the health of drivers.

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