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Named after "Mother of Dark matter", it is reported that Nvidia's 2025 AI accelerator card uses the R letter prefix.

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Shulou( Report--, November 30, Nvidia's upcoming B100 GPU will adopt the Blackwell architecture. According to the source Kopite, Nvidia will launch a follow-up architecture of Blackwell in 2025, which will be named R100 and GR200 GPU after Vera Vera Rubin.

The previously exposed Nvidia roadmap source Kopite indicates the successor models R100 and GR200 GPU of the Blackwell B100 and GB200. He had previously revealed that Blackwell's successor, GPU, would use the X letter, but the latest revelation said it would switch to the R letter.

The "A" in the A100 stands for Andre-Marie Ampere, the "H" in the H100 stands for Grace Hopper, and the "B" in the B100 stands for David Blackwell.

The following letter "R" stands for Vera Rubin, which Kopite retweeted in October. Note: Vera Rubin, whose maiden name was Cooper, was an American astronomer who pioneered the study of the rotation speed of galaxies. Its well-known research work has found that the actual observed galaxy speed is different from the original theoretical prediction. This phenomenon was later called the problem of galactic rotation.

Image source: WikiMedia her work is crucial to finding evidence of dark matter. In the scientific community, she is famous for the rotation of galaxies, dark matter and the Rubin-Ford effect.

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