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China manned Space Project Exhibition opens in Hong Kong: free of charge for a period of 3 months

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Shulou( Report--, November 30, according to official news from the China manned Space Engineering Office, on the morning of November 30, 2023, the opening ceremony of "asking the Sky after a Dream-China manned Space Engineering Exhibition" was held at the Hong Kong Science Museum.

According to reports, the exhibition is held in two venues, the Hong Kong Science Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of History. The main exhibits include 1:15 models of the space station assembly, long March 2F, long March 7, long March 5B carrier rockets, new generation manned carrier rockets, as well as indoor spacesuits, Shenzhou 13 re-entry module, space cold atomic microwave clock, environmental control and life support equipment. As well as the product models of the main future manned aircraft such as the new generation of manned spacecraft and lunar landers. The latest video of the return of Shenzhou 16 in orbit by the Shenzhou 17 crew will also be on display at the scene.

▲ source China manned Space Engineering Office, the same below

The exhibition is open to all people in Hong Kong and Macao free of charge for a period of 3 months.

In addition, on the morning of November 29, the manned space project delegation went to Pui Kiu Middle School in the Hong Kong Special Administrative region, Ma Tau Chung Government Primary School, and Wang Jinhui Middle School and Primary School affiliated to the Hong Kong Baptist University. Face-to-face interaction was conducted with about 1400 primary and secondary school teachers and students from more than 40 schools.

As previously reported by, a manned space mission arrived in Hong Kong at noon on November 28 to begin a six-day visit to Hong Kong and Macao. This is another visit to Hong Kong and Macao organized by the manned space program 11 years after the Shenzhou IX manned rendezvous and docking mission delegation visited Hong Kong and Macao in 2012, and it is also the first time that the project has visited Hong Kong and Macao in the space station era.

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