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Alipay launched the new energy vehicle battery housekeeper: can check the power in real time, battery life, support charging reminder

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Thanks to netizens for the delivery of clues about the past. November 30 news, Alipay official WeChat announced today that the "battery housekeeper" function for new energy vehicle owners has been officially launched, and users can launch the "travel" section on the home page of Alipay App.

According to reports, users in the "travel" section, click "car life" at the bottom, and then click "charging", you can open "battery housekeeper". After this function is turned on, users can check the remaining power and mileage of the vehicle in real time, as well as the charging status of the vehicle, including charging progress, charging time and so on.

In addition, when the vehicle enters a low power state, the App will send a "charging reminder" and support one-click navigation to the charging post.

Comprehensive previously reported that Alipay released data in 2020 to cover more than 95% of the country's electric vehicle charging piles, including two major private charging operators Tolai call and Star charging.

In addition, Alipay has previously launched an one-stop charging service Mini Program, Ant charging, where users can search for the nearest charging pile or in a certain area, as well as by service provider brand, AC and DC.

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