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Meizu 21 flagship mobile phone and MYVU AR smart glasses have passed QQ Music's "Zhenpin Certification"

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On November 30, Xinji Meizu Group reached a deep cooperation with Tencent Music Entertainment Group Group, and Xinji Meizu Group became the first partner to pass QQ Music's "Zhenpin Panorama Sound Multi-end Certification". Meizu 21's flagship mobile phone and MYVU AR smart glasses have passed QQ Music's "Zhenpin certification": Meizu 21's flagship mobile phone is the first phone to support Zhenpin panoramic sound through QQ Music's "Zhenpin certification"; MYVU AR smart glasses is the first smart glasses to support Zhenpin panoramic sound through QQ Music's "Zhenpin certification". Today, with the continuous integration of digital music and smart devices, the two sides join hands to promote the improvement of audio experience and strive to bring users higher quality and immersive auditory enjoyment. In the future, Xinji Meizu Lab and Tencent Music Tianqin Lab will jointly provide music lovers with a multi-terminal, full-scene "Zhenpin" audio experience.

Meizu 21, which is supported by QQ Music's "Zhenpin Certification", is a new flagship mobile phone released by Meizu, which uses the sixth generation master superlinear loudspeaker and is carefully adjusted by the Meizu acoustics team with 20 years of technical precipitation. in addition to bringing users master-band sound quality performance, it also has industry-leading spatial audio rendering capabilities. With the seamless flow of Flyme Link, it brings users a multi-terminal, full-scene "Zhenpin" audio experience.

MYVU AR smart glasses is also one of the highlights of this cooperation, through the combination of sound quality with QQ Music, it provides users with a new way of audio experience. This innovation not only enriches the auditory enjoyment of users, but also an important milestone in the integration of smart wearable devices and audio technology.

It is understood that "Zhenpin Audio quality Certification" is the first product standard in the industry jointly created by QQ Music, Tencent Music Tianqin Lab and Galaxy Acoustics team, which aims at the playback capability of headphones, speakers, players, cars and other hardware equipment. It includes three series: "Zhenpin Master Tape", "Zhenpin Sound quality 2.0" and "Zhenpin Panorama Sound". The flagship phone of Meizu 21 in this cooperation supports "Zhenpin panoramic sound". Through this sound quality certification, it is necessary to support QQ Music's self-developed spatial audio coding and panoramic sound mixing technology. break through the plane limitation of the traditional coding technology, put the sound object in a specific position in the three-dimensional space, and restore the omni-directional listening experience. So as to bring users a more omni-directional, all-around music enjoyment.

Since the launch of QQ Music's "Zhenpin Certification", it has covered different hardware devices such as headphones and tablet computers of major hardware manufacturers, and has worked together to promote the standardization and standardization of sound quality technology. to provide users with a more pure and rich auditory feast. This time, Star Meizu's mobile phones and smart glasses have also passed the "Zhenpin certification", making it the first hardware brand with multiple terminals to obtain the certification.

Looking to the future, QQ Music will continue to expand cooperation boundaries and create an open audio ecosystem to promote the efficient integration of high-quality audio content and audio terminal equipment, and enhance users' multi-scene music experience. and through this continuous technological innovation and expansion, lead the entire industry to a higher level of audio development.

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