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ZTE Corporation held a global analyst conference in 2023 to explore the digital future of the industry.

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A few days ago, ZTE Corporation officially held the 2023 Global analysts' Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, with the theme of "Building a digital economy for communication and trust everywhere", and invited a large number of industry analysts, analysts and domestic and foreign media to participate in the discussion and exchange of ICT industry development, innovative technology development, industry digital development and other topics.

Wang Xiang, senior vice president and chief strategy officer of ZTE Corporation, said in his keynote speech on "Building a stable Future together": "this is an era of both challenges and opportunities. The uncertainty of the global macroeconomic environment brings challenges to the development of the ICT industry, but the deterministic trend of digitization and intelligence also brings new opportunities for digital infrastructure construction. Over the past few years, ZTE has adhered to its position as a "road builder of the digital economy" and achieved quality growth through a hyperbolic strategy superimposed by multiple product cycles.

The cycle has its length, it may be late but will not be absent, the amplitude is shallow, it may cross the line but does not change the trend, and facing the future, ZTE will maintain strategic concentration, strengthen operational resilience, anchor "connection + arithmetic" in the second half of this cycle, adhere to hyperbolic parallelism, open cooperation with industrial partners, win-win results, and work together to create a sustainable future through the cycle with mathematical innovation. "

Expand network boundaries and build ubiquitous connections

The rapid development of 5G technology has gradually opened a new era of the Alliance of everything. ZTE Corporation adheres to technological innovation, constantly promotes the construction of 5G network, expands the boundaries of applications and scenarios, promotes the Internet of everything, and builds ubiquitous network connections.

In the keynote speech, Tang Xue, deputy general manager of RAN products of ZTE Corporation, delivered a keynote speech on how to use 5G-Advanced innovative technology to promote RAN evolution. Tang Xue said that ZTE Corporation has built a 5G-An evolution framework based on the concept of "3e": capability enhancement (Enhancement), efficiency improvement (Efficiency), boundary expansion (Extension), thus stimulating the potential and capability of 5G network. Bring brand-new changes to operators, society and life.

With the development of new digital infrastructure, Yunhe Network is regarded as one of the important infrastructure. Yang Yan, product technical director of ZTE Cloud and Core Network, shared ZTE's insight and strategic planning on the evolution direction of cloud network. she mentioned that ZTE's cloud core network design concept pursues the extreme at both ends of the balance, naked container cloud native Vs ultra-high performance, high reliable Vs intelligence, high security Vs enables 2B industry applications, and is committed to providing partners with a trusted network for 5G or even the next generation.

Song Shijie, general manager of the international market of ZTE fixed network multimedia products, delivered a keynote speech on the evolution of all-optical network, pointing out that ZTE Corporation has built a FTTx network with all-optical access, smooth evolution and sustainable development, through high-quality home network to enjoy super gigabit in every corner of the home, and focus on building a new digital intelligence family in the field of home video.

With regard to the new challenges and development direction of the future bearer network, Zhang Zhenchao, general manager of the international market of ZTE bearer products, said that the in-depth development of AIGC and 5G business is driving the continuous transformation of business and network. ZTE OTN+IP panoramic bearer network solid base can create a super-wide, agile and intelligent network infrastructure in the new era, and promote the rapid development of the digital economy.

Building a Green and efficient Computing engine in the Digital Age

At present, the importance of digital economy to economic growth has become increasingly prominent, in which computing power plays a key role. As the basic bearing facilities of computing power, data center has shown a strong momentum of development in recent years. at the same time, the energy consumption of data center industry and the process of green and low-carbon development have aroused social concern. Chu Yanli, deputy general manager of overseas digital energy market of ZTE Corporation, said in the keynote speech that ZTE Corporation has the infrastructure service capability of end-to-end lifecycle data center, with green, intelligent, fast and reliable as its core goal. create a computing base to realize the digital transformation of customers.

The demand for computing infrastructure such as servers and storage products continues to grow. As a major global server supplier, ZTE server products have entered the leading customer markets of operators, Internet, energy and other industries on a large scale. Liu Zhenhai, director of ZTE Computing and Core Network Marketing, said in the keynote speech that ZTE's server products have the advantages of high performance, high reliability, easy scalability and easy management, and have excellent performance in cloud computing, big data, NFV and other fields. Facing the future, ZTE will seize the new opportunities of the computing era and contribute to the construction of the global digital economy.

Help industry upgrade pilot digital application

Based on the industrial site network + digital nebula 2.0 architecture, ZTE Corporation has developed more than 1,000 partners in industry, metallurgical steel, transportation, mining, digital city and other industries, with large-scale applications such as park construction and fully connected factories. help upgrade the industrial value chain.

Bai Gang, deputy general manager of ZTE RAN products, mentioned in the keynote speech that ZTE's 5G industrial field network has four core competencies: certainty guarantee, integration of computing network, industrial gateway and three free and self-service, supporting 5G's entry into the core production domain and assisting production transformation and industry upgrading.

Chen Lifeng, overseas marketing director of ZTE's industry digitization program, said that the strong digitization capability of ZTE's digital nebula platform has been successfully verified in many industries, providing scalable modular and service-oriented design. through its leading platform technology and product solutions, it can cooperate with operators to build solutions and expand new opportunities for enterprise users.

During the round-table discussion session, JulianGorman, head of GSMA Asia Pacific, HansNeff, senior director of CTOGroup of ZTE, as well as executives and experts from global telecom operators, under the auspices of Tu Jiashun, ZTE's technical spokesman, conducted in-depth discussions on how to deal with industry challenges, how to achieve business balance with 5G technology, and telecom operators' new business model in the digital economy.

In addition, ZTE officially released the "5G Industrial Field Network" white paper at the conference, introducing the manufacturing field, according to the low delay and low jitter concerned by the industry, as well as the application scenarios under large bandwidth and high reliability. ZTE provides a comprehensive solution with computing network integration products as the core, endogenous certainty and self-service, which helps 5G applications go deep into the industrial field to enable production domain transformation.

As a "road builder of digital economy", ZTE Corporation will continue to explore the digital development of industry in the future, seize the new development opportunities of the digital era, anchor the practical development strategy of "connection + computing power", and adhere to independent research and development. through innovative technological achievements to create a solid digital base, join hands with global industrial partners to consolidate digital construction, and enable the transformation of digital intelligence.

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