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Chinese version of Adobe Wanxing Technology unveiled AI Creative Software at South Korea's largest software exhibition won full attention.

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On November 29, Soft Wave 2023, the largest software exhibition in South Korea, was held at the COEX Convention and Exhibition Center in Seoul. Wanxing Technology, a global new generation digital creative enabler and A-share listed company of AIGC software, unveiled a number of star products, including its video creative software Wondershare Filmora, drawing creative software Wondershare EdrawMax / Wondershare EdrawMind and document creative software Wondershare PDFelement, to showcase the elegant demeanour of Chinese creative software to Korean market users.

During the exhibition, Wanxing Technology invited experts in the field of video editing to show the powerful AI editing and AI generation function of the newly launched Wondershare Filmora 13, which was well received by the audience.

Not long ago, Wondershare Filmora 13 was renovated and upgraded with built-in AI creation assistant Copilot, AI text slices, AI music generator and other AI generation functions, as well as AI text fast cutting, intelligent voice separation, AI intelligent mask and other AI intelligent editing functions.

Users can quickly obtain information to assist creation through dialogue with AI assistant Copilot, and quickly complete clip creation through the one-click power function provided by AI assistant. In addition, the new AI generation and AI editing functions further "refresh" the video intelligent creation process, bringing creators a pluralistic AI creation experience from content generation, audio and video editing to interactive mode.

It is understood that through long-term continuous improvement of product features, cutting-edge exploration of the video creation industry, and continuous attention to user experience, Wondershare Filmora has accumulated a good reputation among global video enthusiasts, with more than 100 million users, and has become one of the world's mainstream video editing software.

Under the tide of AI, drawing creative software Wondershare EdrawMind and Wondershare EdrawMax have ushered in a comprehensive AI upgrade. Among them, Wondershare EdrawMind has been recognized by tens of millions of users around the world, and has successively launched innovative AI tools such as intelligent assistant Edraw AI, Yitu inspiration Space, and online AI to generate mind mapping, AI dialogue, AI generation PPT, AI drawing, AI writing, AI file parsing, audio and video export and other innovative AI functions. Wondershare EdrawMax has integrated AI question and answer, AI to generate flow chart / table / list, AI to generate user stories and other functions, the mobile side to achieve voice interaction.

In terms of document creativity, recently, Wondershare PDFelement refurbished released V10 version, taking the lead in the industry to launch the highly intelligent AI sidebar, create a new AI tool set, and bring more secure electronic signature functions, providing global users with an one-stop intelligent PDF solution driven by AI.

Soft Wave is the largest software business fair in Korea, which was held in 2016. This time Soft Wave 2023 focuses on digital transformation, inviting global software companies to achieve digital transformation through AI, automation and other paths, and grow in the wave of change.

Wanxing Technology, which is invited to participate in the exhibition, is an A-share listed company with wide product coverage, large revenue and high degree of globalization in the field of digital creative software in China. it is also the largest digital creative software company in China, covering more than 200 countries and regions, with nearly 1.5 billion global users and nearly 100 million monthly active users, which is regarded as the "Chinese version of Adobe".

Wanxing Technology entered Korea in 2020 and quickly gained the favor of Korean users with its powerful product features and local operation means within three years.

At present, Wanxing Technology is deepening the AIGC layout, and has launched new AIGC creative products such as Wanxing Love painting, Wanxing Broadcasting, Wanxing Zhijian, Wondershare Kwicut, Wondershare VirtuLook, etc.; its Wanxing Meow Ying, Wondershare Filmora, Wondershare PDFelement, Wanxing PDF, Yitu Tu, Yitu brain Tu, Mockitt and other products have integrated AIGC capabilities, and continue to optimize on the new.

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