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Users said that the morning and evening peak signal of the Beijing subway was poor and could not be connected to the Internet, and the official response said that it was being solved.

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Shulou( Report--, Nov. 30 (Xinhua) according to the Beijing Daily, some Beijing subway passengers reported that mobile phone signals in Beijing subway are poor, and mobile phones are always not connected to the Internet during the morning and evening rush hour, and there are "signal coverage blind areas" in some stations. Such mobile phone signal problems will be solved in the future.

Beijing Metro said that with the continuous development of communications business, subway passengers' demand for large-flow civil communication data services is also increasing. In this regard, the Beijing Metro Company is actively working with telecom operators, tower companies and Beijing Investment Company to speed up the improvement of mobile communication signal quality in the subway environment.

At the same time, the Beijing Metro Corporation has also given priority to the problem of "anxious and sad hope" reflected by passengers in the project renovation plan, focusing on solving difficult problems. is organized as follows:

There is no civil communication signal coverage on the platform and some underground sections of the Dabao station of the Fangshan line: it is expected to complete the construction of the civil communication system of the station by the end of this year.

There is no Unicom signal available in 9 sections of the underground station in the east and middle section of Metro Line 15 (Wangjingxi-Fengbo): new Unicom equipment is added in 9 civil communication computer rooms on the whole line, and more than 40 nodes on the whole line are equipped with civil communication equipment. At present, China Unicom 4G signal has been fully opened in the eastern and middle section of Line 15.

Beijing Metro Corporation also vigorously promotes the expansion of 4G capacity and the construction of 5G. The Beijing Metro Company completed the annual task of 4G capacity expansion and 5G construction of 65 stations nearly four months ahead of schedule in mid-September, the report said. Up to now, the 4G expansion and 5G construction of 84 stations have been completed, exceeding the annual key tasks.

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