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One plus 12 mobile phone preheating: the first "aerospace heat dissipation system Pro", which claims to have a large area and leading materials.

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Shulou( Report-- November 30 news, @ Li Jie Louis, president of one plus China, posted an article this evening to introduce the heat dissipation performance of one plus 12 mobile phones. It said that the aircraft will be launched with a new and upgraded "aerospace heat dissipation system Pro", which claims to be a real new generation of global heat dissipation technology.

Li Jie said, "recently, some people say that the large area of heat dissipation means that the heat dissipation technology is not good." this is a kind of anti-intellectual language that negates the industry and does not respect science and logic. It's like saying that the bigger the house is, the worse the decoration technology is. There is no relationship between the two. "

It said that a really good heat dissipation system "can be achieved" on the basis of using a state-of-the-art heat dissipation structure to maximize the heat dissipation area and take the lead in heat dissipation materials. At the same time, he also claimed that the cooling system of the one-plus-12 phone has the following features:

Leading cooling area: 9140 mm ²industry's first 10,000-level heat dissipation VC, with a total heat dissipation area of 38547 mm ².

Leading heat dissipation structure: "real new generation" heat dissipation structure, the world's first integrated double-cycle heat dissipation, two sets of independent heat dissipation cavity, work together, the first layer of VC becomes the heat source of the second layer of VC. The Laval port design, which is the first in the world to imitate space rocket nozzles, greatly improves the speed of gas-liquid circulation and brings space-level heat dissipation efficiency. The heat dissipation efficiency is not comparable to that of the ordinary single-layer heat dissipation structures of competitors.

Leading heat dissipation materials: aerospace-grade new-generation high-performance thermal conductive gel, aerospace-grade new-generation superconducting thermal graphite, the strongest thermal conductivity in the industry.

According to a report by earlier today, the blogger @ digital chat station released the measured data of one plus 12 "Yuanshen". The average number of frames in full high definition is 60.7fps in half an hour and the power consumption is 4.62W. According to the blogger, the new machine "has almost no pressure, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 + 10,000 VC and double cycle heat dissipation structure, directly turning into an ice dragon."

The machine will be equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, provide 24GB+1TB large memory version, the world's first memory gene recombination 2.0, the world's first Sony Optics LYT-808 flagship sensor, equipped with 5400mAh battery + 100W wired fast charge + 50W wireless fast charge.

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