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SOONNOOZ Music Mini Host will push R7 7840HS configuration: built-in speakers and battery

2024-06-24 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report-- November 30 news, manufacturer SOONNOOZ Shuner last year launched a music mini host in China, equipped with 11 generation Core processor, built-in battery, front panel built-in slightly. has learned from SOONNOOZ that this mini console will soon be available in R7 7840HS configuration.

This mini host starts with i5-1135G7 and i7-1165G7 configurations. The current i5-1135G7 + 8G + 512G configuration sells for 2699 yuan.

In terms of design, the official mini host adopts 196 processes, adopts comprehensive crystal four-coating four-baking automotive-grade baking paint process, the front net of speaker adopts 8k mirror plate as the bottom plate, after etching process treatment, and then carries out 6 deep processing procedures, its surface artistically presents up to 1168 circular grids. A dial lever is mounted on the top of the chassis to adjust the volume.

According to officials, this product pioneered the "host + slightly" magnetic attraction combination, using 12 gold-plated metal pins to achieve audio transmission and power supply. In addition, the host is equipped with a 6000mAh lithium-ion polymer battery with an official battery life of up to 8 hours.

In terms of interface, this mini host is equipped with USB-C power interface supporting DC power supply, USB-C interface supporting video transmission, data transmission and PD charging, HDMI, cable interface, etc.

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