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Tesla launched the out-of-vehicle discharge function of Powershare, but it is only applicable to Cybertruck at present.

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Shulou( Report-- December 1 news, Tesla has just delivered the first batch of Cybertruck, which includes a long-awaited function: out-of-car discharge function.

At the investor day conference in March this year, Drew Baglino, vice president of Tesla, said that the company could achieve two-way charging within two years, but Elon Musk poured cold water on this statement. "I don't think a lot of people want to use two-way charging, unless you have a Powerwall, because if you unplug the car, your house will go dark, which is very inconvenient."

Nine months after that event, Tesla finally launched a model that supports two-way charging, but Tesla hinted that more models will have this function in the future.

Tesla didn't provide too many details at today's Cybertruck delivery event. From the official website, it brings new Powershare out-of-vehicle discharge functions, including V2L (vehicle-to-load), V2H (vehicle-to-home), and V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle).

According to reports, car owners can use five sockets-two 120V 20A sockets each in the lathe and two in the passenger cabin, and a 240V 40A socket on the lathe, which can be used for work equipment, or for camping or other mobile power needs.

Tesla Cybertruck can provide 9.6kW 's V2L continuous discharge capability through five sockets in the car, and has the V2H output capability of 11.5kW, which enables it to supply power to homes in the event of a power outage or unstable power grid.

By contrast, the Ford Fmur150 Lightning has more sockets, but the V2L is 2.4kW by default and barely equals the Cybertruck after upgrading the Pro Power Onboard suite. In addition, Lightning can also power home users, but it costs an extra $3900 ( Note: currently about 27846 yuan).

However, Tesla's solution also requires additional equipment, which seems to include the $595 Tesla Universal Wall Connector and the $1800 Gateway product, as well as the optional Tesla Backup Switch.

The biggest difference here lies in the existence of Tesla Powerwall. Tesla said that families with Powerwall and Tesla Wall Connector do not need any additional equipment.

Tesla said that assuming that a household consumes an average of 30kWh electricity every day, Powershare can power the home for "more than three days." This means that the battery capacity of the Cybertruck exceeds that of the 90kWh but is lower than that of the 120kWh.

In addition, Cybertruck has a higher continuous output capability than Powerwall, with Cybertruck as 11.5kW and Powerwall as 5kW.

Tesla also said that the Powershare also has a V2V function that allows Cybertruck to charge another electric vehicle.

Of course, the Ford Lightning has something similar that can be recharged for other vehicles through an adapter. With the emergence of NEMA 14-50 interface, this has become the "standard" of electric vehicle charging to some extent.

Currently, Powershare is only available for Cybertruck, and Tesla said it "currently" applies only to Cybertruck, without mentioning when it will be extended to other models.

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