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Badang burning cloud Xbox handle single charging base is listed: 1100mAh wireless charging, the initial price is 99 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 1, eight hall burning cloud Xbox handle single filling base today (December 1) at 10:00, the price is 139yuan, the initial price is 99 yuan.

This burning cloud Xbox handle single charging base is officially authorized by Microsoft and supports the Xbox One / Xbox Series series handle. The product includes a charging base, a battery (1100mAh) and a battery cover.

The single charging base of fuyun Xbox handle adopts the surface design of frosted material, and the central position of the pedestal is equipped with a cloud-burning lamp that indicates the charging status and creates an atmosphere, which is flamboyant when charging and silver-white after filling. At the same time, the brightness of the light effect can be adjusted in two levels.

The game handle adapts to the single charging base of the burning cloud Xbox handle, and the fuel cloud battery cover needs to be replaced. The fuel cloud battery cover, compared with the ordinary battery cover, only adds contact holes, regardless of color, grain, or Xbox Logo details, are consistent with the original.

Through the contact battery cover, with the burning cloud Xbox handle single charging base, the handle charging only needs to be placed on the base to realize wireless charging, which avoids the tedious need to remove the back cover and replace the battery when charging the battery in the past.

In terms of safety, the single charging base of the fuel cloud Xbox handle provides protection such as overvoltage, overcurrent, overtemperature, overcharging, short circuit, reverse connection and so on. In addition, there is a storage bin behind the single charging base of the fuel cloud Xbox handle, which can hold spare batteries, receivers and other accessories.

The Xbox handle single charging pedestal is now available for sale on the e-commerce platform with an initial price of 99 yuan. is attached with a parameter table: Bazhitang 8BitDo fuel cloud single charge base 99 yuan direct link

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