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Tencent MoreFun Studio announced the demonstration of "under Inhumans" mobile game PVP.

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 1, Tencent's MoreFun Studio released Guoman "under one person" IP new game "under Inhumans" PVP real machine demonstration video.

"what is the highest skill you want to achieve?" "No skill."how do you face your opponent?" "there is no rival." There is no way to punch, there is a way in the heart!

According to reports, the mobile game under one person builds the thinking of the game with the concept of attack and defense of Chinese martial arts, takes "choice" as the core to see through the opponent, makes quick response moves, refines the characters in the original "under one person", and integrates it into the role battle.

The developer expressed the hope that Chinese martial arts can be reflected in the new tour in a realistic and pure way, leading players to feel the charm of the confrontational game of Chinese martial arts. Note: "under one Man" (formerly "Inhumans") is an online cartoon created by Mi er, which was animated in July 2016 and has been updated every year or two since then.

The adapted animation is produced by Pandanium Company of Japan, the animation production of the second season is changed to Shanghai Picture Culture Communication Co., Ltd., the animation producer of the third season is changed to Guangzhou Fire Bird Culture Co., Ltd., and the fourth and fifth seasons are produced by Qiyuan Pictures.

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