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Hisense TV U8 was named "2023 Best 4K Mini LED TV".

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TV is one of the indispensable entertainment tools for every family. However, we are really "dazzled" by the dazzling variety of brands and products in the market. Various parameters, indicators and other difficult to understand professional terms, but also let us in the purchase of TV headaches. So, which TV should I choose?

On November 28, the 2023 Zhi Dian Television Conference, held by the authoritative digital evaluation media Zhi Dian Lab, gave the answer. At the scene of the conference, many guests with professional attainments in photography, color, science and technology, and professional display conducted a 5-hour live evaluation of the annual popular flagship Mini LED TV. With its transparent pictures and extreme color performance in bright scenes, Hisense TV U8 won the title of "Best 4K Mini LED TV in 2023" and became the "machine king" of Mini LED TV in 2023. This is also the second consecutive year that Hisense TV has won the title of "Best 4K Mini LED TV of the year", fully proving its leading position in the display industry.

Zhi Dian Lab is the authoritative digital evaluation media under the China Home Appliances Research Institute, which has won the trust and love of consumers for issuing professional and in-depth evaluation reports. At this TV conference, the Mini LED TVs that participated in the evaluation were all this year's popular flagship models, namely Sony X95EL, Hisense TV U8, Xiaomi TV Master 86, TCL X11G and Samsung QN85Z. The evaluation adopts the scoring mechanism of the combination of 14 prescribed subjective items and 1 group of optional subjective items, and comprehensively evaluates the core picture quality indexes and comprehensive experience, such as color performance, peak brightness, dark field details, game clarity and so on. the whole process was labeled and tested blindly.

Based on the advantages of ULED X perceptual picture quality technology platform, Hisense TV U8 coordinates "perception templates" such as millimeter wave intelligent control, full-dimensional ambient light perception, 16bits ambient light control, etc., so that the picture quality can be self-adjusted according to the user's viewing position, light and shade, and color temperature, so that users can get rid of the interference of environmental factors such as unclear viewing in the sun, reflection and reflection, and any light or even any content in any environment. Hisense TV U8 can provide the best reference level images.

It is worth mentioning that Hisense TV ULED X not only won the title of "4K Mini LED of the year" in China, but also won the strongest Mini LED award overseas. A few days ago, Hisense TV U8 and other products were awarded the title of "best Mini LED TV" and "best cost-effective Mini LED TV" at the 2023 European Film and Audio Award, which continues to demonstrate Hisense TV's leading advantage and strong competitiveness in the Mini LED field.

Ouyang Zhongcan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, praised Hisense TV's ULED X display technology, "surpassing the picture quality of OLED and raising the LCD TV picture quality to an unprecedented new height." With the ultimate picture quality, Hisense TV continues to gain recognition from consumers around the world. According to research data released by Omdia, an authoritative market research institution, global shipments of Hisense televisions increased by 12.1% in the first three quarters of 2023 compared with the same period last year, leading the industry with the highest growth rate among the top five brands in the world and continuing to rank second in the world.

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