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RoboSense lidar has been certified by German Toner 220th V safety certificate and produced in circles with 61 fixed-point cars.

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[Shenzhen, China, November 30, 2023] Today, Robosense Suiteng Juchuang announced that the M-platform lidar designed for ADAS applications has successfully received the ISO 26262 functional Safety Product Certification Certificate issued by T Ü V Rheinland (T Ü V Rheinland), an internationally authoritative third-party testing and certification body, and the DAkkS (German National Accreditation Committee) mark, which meets the safety level requirements of ISO 26262 ASIL B. As a result, RoboSense Suiteng Juchuang M platform lidar has become the first MEMS vehicle specification-level solid-state lidar platform in the world to firmly guard the safety of intelligent driving.

T Ü V Rheinland ISO 26262 functional safety product certification indicates that the functional safety architecture, design and implementation, reliability and safety coverage of RoboSense Suiteng M platform lidar all meet the requirements of the globally recognized automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262 ASIL B It shows that the series of lidar products based on M platform can provide high-standard security protection for ADAS applications and meet the functional security development requirements of world-class OEM and Tier1. At the same time, it also proves that RoboSense Suiteng Juchuang has established a perfect product software and hardware development process system that meets the requirements of automobile functional safety level, and the product performance and safety and reliability lead the industry standards, which firmly escorts the rapid intelligent development of the global automotive industry.

△ ISO 26262 functional Security Product Certification

ISO 26262 is a globally recognized automotive functional safety standard that covers the entire life cycle of automotive specification products and aims to minimize the risk of failure of automotive electrical or electronic systems through a sound development process. At present, passing the ISO 26262 functional safety certification has become one of the necessary conditions for electronic components to be used in mass production vehicles.

RoboSense Suiteng Juchuang M platform lidar is the world's first mass production solid-state lidar platform based on the functional safety process of ISO 26262. From product development, safety design to verification testing, the M platform lidar strictly complies with the ASIL B security level requirements of ISO 26262, and all requirements change management is carried out through the Polarion system, thus realizing the closed loop of design, tracking and verification. During the certification process, the M platform lidar strictly complies with the functional safety documents of ISO 26262, and nearly 2000 safety test cases have been accumulated, including integration testing, unit testing, fault injection, qualification testing, environmental testing, etc.

At the same time, RoboSense Suiteng Juchuang attaches great importance to the construction of vehicle specification-level safety system, which provides a solid guarantee for accelerating the safety and mass production of intelligent driving specifications. Around the M-platform lidar, RoboSense Suiteng Juchuang has established a security technology and system that integrates functional safety, expected functional security, network security and perceived security, which can support the whole life cycle security design requirements of M-platform lidar from design and development, test verification to production operation and mass production applications, and is committed to providing high-safety and high-quality lidar products for automobile enterprises. Prior to this, RoboSense Suiteng Juchuang has obtained AEC-Q100, ASPICE CL2, IATF 16949, CNAS and other certification certificates.

With the industry-leading product safety level, RoboSense Suiteng Juchuang has won the most extensive customer cooperation and a high degree of market recognition. By the end of October 2023, RoboSense Suiteng Juchuang M platform lidar has obtained the expected order for the production of 61 models, successfully helping 11 vehicle factories and 19 models of Tier1 customers to start mass production and delivery. From January to October 2023, RoboSense Suitengchuang sold nearly 122000 lidars, far more than the total lidar sales in the past three years from 2020 to 2022.

As the global leader in lidar and perceptual solutions market, RoboSense Suiteng Juchuang will always put safety in the first place, constantly strengthen the construction of product safety system, continue to provide high-performance, safe and reliable lidar software and hardware products for automotive industry partners, and fully meet the high-standard and high-quality development requirements of automotive industry intelligence for automotive safety.

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