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Building the benchmark of the global ultra-high definition industry, Samsung unveiled at the 2023 UWA Alliance event with new QLED products.

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In order to jointly explore how to create a weather vane for the development of the global UHD industry and promote the high-quality development of the UHD video and audio industry, 2023 UWA Summit and the member meeting of the World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance was successfully held in Shenzhen on November 21-23. With the theme of "Co-building Ecological Lighting", the conference invited more than 500 heavyweight guests from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Shenzhen and related departments, Chinese and foreign academicians, leading enterprises and scientific research institutions, and colleges and universities to participate in the grand event. through the two-wheel drive of "science and technology + art", promote the high-quality development of ultra-high-definition video and audio industry.

Samsung, as a member of the UWA Alliance and a leader in the UHD industry, was invited to participate in the conference, which demonstrated the excellent effect of Samsung's new QLED series of TVs supporting HDR Vivid, the standard of radio and television and network audio-visual industry. Samsung QLED TV has been highly recognized by field leaders, industry experts and partners for its quantum dot technology, rich color effects and high bit stream playback standards.

High dynamic range (HDR), as one of the key technologies in the ultra-high definition video industry, has a wider color volume and higher dynamic range, and can retain more details for the image. Through the rich light and dark details of the image, improve the image quality in the contrast, grayscale and other dimensions, so that the image in the eyes of users is more delicate and real, more infectious. As a new force in the field of dynamic HDR video standards, HDR Vivid is an open and friendly standard that works with ecological partners to create rich end-to-end ecosystem solutions. To Samsung has passed the certification of the new QLED Q80Z TV released this year as an example, quantum dot HDR + technology significantly improves the contrast between light and shade, so that bright details are exposed, dark details are not lost, showing real colors and subtle expression, bringing a more stunning immersive visual experience.

HDR Vivid is the key basic standard of the UHD video industry promoted by the UWA Alliance, and its advantage lies in supporting wider color depth and higher peak brightness, and intelligently optimizing various elements in the picture to accurately match the processing scheme for each frame, comprehensively improving the picture texture and presenting more excellent and comfortable visual effects. At present, only five TV manufacturers in China have passed HDR Vivid certification. Samsung, as a leader among them, has been strongly supporting the ecological construction of China's high-definition video industry, and has deep picture quality cooperation with video industry leaders such as Tencent, iqiyi, Youku and so on. Many Samsung HDR Vivid certified models can see rich high-quality, high-stream and high-quality video content, bringing consumers the ultimate visual experience. Contribute to the ecological prosperity of UHD and achieve ecological win-win.

So far, a total of 13 Samsung models have passed the HDR Vivid certification, and continue to increase. Samsung insists on taking technological innovation as the core driving force, continues to help large screen-end ultra-high-definition audio and video experience, and create high-quality audio-visual solutions. In the future, Samsung will join hands with partners to explore the iteration and upgrading of technology, jointly promote the healthy development of the UHD video industry, and open up a broad and bright future for the UHD video industry.

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