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Eliminate the blind area of meeting cars, Gaode optimizes the "package" of safety services to welcome the "National Traffic Safety Day"

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The annual "National Traffic Safety Day" is coming soon. This year's theme is "Civilized Traffic, You and I Walk Together." In recent years, the construction of a powerful transportation country has been deepened continuously, and all kinds of achievements are exciting. At the same time, traffic safety has also become a topic that the state attaches great importance to. The so-called "ten million roads, safety first," safety is a problem that cannot be ignored at any time.

In order to better welcome the 12th "National Traffic Safety Day," Gaode Map recently integrated and optimized a series of products and services related to safety travel, covering various traffic safety-related scenarios, so as to alleviate the potential safety hazards in the daily travel process of users.

For example, in the process of driving, the meeting of various blind sections has always been a scene with great potential safety hazards. For this reason, Gaode Map launched the industry's first mobile phone blind area meeting warning service. Based on Beidou satellite navigation system positioning technology and self-research model, it intelligently prompts users of incoming vehicles in common blind areas such as curve opposite direction and no-light intersection by means of model display, digital lighting and digital whistle, so as to understand the traffic conditions ahead in time and make preparations in advance, so as to better reduce safety risks.

Also based on the Gaode lane-level navigation 2.0 of Beidou system, on the basis of providing lane-level positioning and navigation services, lane level traffic event warning and prompt can be further realized, including abnormal occupation, sudden braking or slow driving of the preceding vehicle, and incoming vehicles at the entrance, etc., so as to facilitate users to understand the lane-level potential safety hazard information as early as possible and bring safer driving navigation experience in the national expressway and urban expressway sections.

In addition, Gaode Map also launched the active identification service of traffic events based on the self-developed space-time intelligent model. Combined with the specific driving situation, surrounding traffic environment and other space-time elements, it actively found suspected abnormal parking during driving, pushed rescue entrance, users can quickly query road rescue information (local alarm telephone) and road rescue service (high-speed company rescue telephone) after clicking confirmation, so as to facilitate the search for rescue in case of emergency.

For the online ride-hailing industry, Gaode, as an aggregation platform, opens a large safe travel model to the cooperative online ride-hailing platform. The large model can identify various risk scenarios such as dangerous traffic environment, bad driving of drivers, abnormal travel, drunk driving, etc., and sends real-time reminders to the online ride-hailing platform; driving behavior portraits are formed through data precipitation to help the online ride-hailing platform systematically manage drivers who frequently have bad driving behaviors.

In addition, the "secondary accident occurrence" module of the large safe travel model can also effectively avoid the occurrence of secondary accidents, so that both drivers and passengers can get better safety guarantee: when the travel position continues to stay, with traffic lights, congestion and other factors, identify suspected traffic accidents, and at the same time warn Gaode taxi aggregation platform and online car-hailing platform; The online car-hailing platform will confirm whether the journey is normal or not to the driver, and guide the driver to handle and report the accident; At the same time, Gaode aggregation platform will guide passengers to leave the accident vehicle in a variety of ways and take refuge in a safe place.

At present, more than 100 online ride-hailing platforms have been connected to the large model of safe travel, and more than 10 million traffic safety reminders have been completed every day. The number of effective speed reduction of online ride-hailing vehicles at accident-prone intersections has increased by 26.9%. Based on the driving behavior portrait formed by the large model, the online car-hailing platform organizes more than 1000 driver trainings every month to improve the awareness of safety service.

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