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Android Rabbit Android phone performance list in November: Tianji 9300 flagship performance release block a lot of 8Gen3

2024-02-29 Update From: SLTechnology News&Howtos shulou NAV: SLTechnology News&Howtos > IT Information >


Shulou( Report--, December 1 news, in December, Anhare routinely released the Android phone performance list in November. Last month, Snapdragon 8Gen3 and Tianji 9300 phones have been released and launched one after another, and the Android performance list in November is naturally very interesting again.

From the published data, the vivo X100 carries Tianji 9300 as the image flagship mobile phone, which is almost the same as e-sports 's flagship Red Devils 9 Pro + with external fans, and except for the Red Devils, Tianji 9300 beats a large number of Snapdragon 8Gen flagship mobile phones, and the extreme performance of the whole core has been fully proved once again.

In TOP5, there are two phones with Tianji 9300, both of which are vivo X100 series.

Tianji 9300 has a full-core CPU design, as well as 12-core flagship GPU. Blue factory specially trained Tianji 9300+LPDDR5T to make the X100 comparable to the first Red Devils 9 Pro + in performance release, which can only be said to be "expected" and reasonable.

The third place is also from Blue Factory-iQOO 12 Standard Edition. In this regard, an Rabbit said, "Blue Factory won hemp this time."

Looking at the list as a whole, vivo bet on Tianji 9300 is indeed the right choice, and the two sides have once again brought new flagship benchmarking products to the industry. The "two-way rush" and "strong cooperation" of vivo and Tianji 9300 have undoubtedly opened up new possibilities for the improvement of mobile phone performance. We look forward to the next launch of more Tianji 9300 terminal products and more surprises on the mobile phone performance track.

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