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During the year-end good price festival, Western Digital stores good things and cures the difficulty of choice.

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Towards the end of the year, shopping festivals such as the "year-end good Price Festival" are coming. Various discounts and product recommendations are dazzling and there is no way to start. At this point, Western Digital has brought a storage "family bucket", an one-stop shopping list, saving time and effort, and intimate "hand-in-hand" to teach you to choose good things that suit you.

The dark horse player in the game area.

The upgraded game engine, meticulous and lifelike picture quality and rich methods of play bring players a more extreme game experience, but the increase in game size also leads to a shortage of storage space. Western Digital's WD_BLACK brand is tailored for game storage to meet the diverse needs of players.

High-performance SSD must be the "ideal" for PC players. WD_BLACK ™SN850X NVMe ™SSD has a sequential write and read speed of up to 7300 MB/s, making the smooth experience easy to achieve; the heat sink version has a cool RGB lighting effect to highlight your personality. At the same time, you can also download Game Mode 2.0 WD_BLACK dashboard (Windows ™system only) to get more rich gaming features, focus on competitive challenges, and enjoy the joy of victory. WD_BLACK ™SN770 NVMe ™SSD, as a cost-effective choice in the PCIe 4.0SSD market, has sequential read and write speeds as high as 5150MB/si and 4900MB/si (1TB and 2TBii models), improving game installation and level reading efficiency; using DRAM-less design, acceleration with both low power consumption and low heat, proper "spend a small amount of money to do big things".

To buy WD_BLACK ™SN850X NVMe ™SSD, please visit Mall.

To buy WD_BLACK ™SN770 NVMe ™SSD, please visit Mall.

When hundreds of GB of 3A masterpieces are needed so that the storage space of the host is stretched, WD_BLACK allows you to have both. WD_BLACK ™SN850P NVMe ™SSD solid State disk PS5 ™Licensing easily solves the problem of insufficient PS5 space with capacity up to 4TB; sequential read and write speeds of up to 7300 MB/s and 6600 MB/si (2TB and 4TB versions) allow you to immerse yourself in the game world. The Xbox ™license version of the WD_BLACK ™C50 expansion card is created for Xbox and is equipped with a proprietary interface for plug-and-play expansion. Of course, if you love Switch, the newly upgraded 512GBii SanDisk microSDXC ™Nintendo Switch ™special memory card can perfectly solve the expansion problem, and the design does not forget to incorporate the official classic game elements of Nintendo, with both performance and beauty, the game world should be so colorful.

To buy WD_BLACK ™SN850P NVMe ™SSD solid state drive PS5 ™licensed version, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

To buy WD_BLACK ™C50 expansion card Xbox ™authorized version, please visit Mall and Tmall flagship store.

To buy a series of special memory cards for microSDXC ™Nintendo Switch ™, please see Mall.

For the expansion of handheld games PC and slim notebooks, the recently released WD_BLACK ™SN770M NVMe ™SSD is equipped with Western Digital self-developed master and original 3D TLC NAND flash memory particles, with sequential reading speed as high as 5150MB/si (1TB and 2TB models), making the game experience smoother.

To buy WD_BLACK ™SN770M NVMe ™SSD, please visit Mall.

As a game fan, how can we lose the portable game library? WD_BLACK ™P40 game mobile solid state drive classic black design and cool custom RGB lighting effect, transmission speed up to 2000MB/si, compact and portable shape, is synonymous with internal and external repair.

To buy WD_BLACK ™P40 game mobile solid state drive, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

The "really fragrant" good thing in the photography circle.

The photographer conveys his passion for life through photography, while a good storage product can continue the passion. SanDisk brand has accompanied the majority of photographers for many years, with high-quality and durable storage products to help you preserve every precious memory.

As an observer of life, memory cards are essential. SanDisk is committed to providing photographers with a wide range of memory card products, including the Superior Super Speed SDXC UHS-II memory Card (V60) with capacity up to 1TBii, which has write speed up to 150MB/s and read speed of 280MB/s, and supports 6K video shooting in standard recording mode, making it an ideal choice for both performance and price. For users who pursue continuous shooting, cinema-grade lossless 4K / 8K full HD video, the higher performance of SanDisk Super Speed SDHC ™and SDXC ™UHS-II memory cards (V90) with read and write speeds up to 300MB/s and 260MB/s can further meet the demanding shooting needs of photographers. And SanDisk Super High Speed Mobile microSD UHS-I memory Card (V30) can easily shoot lossless 4K UHD video iii, and use SanDisk ™flash technology, reading speed up to 200MB/si, aerial photography, outdoor, adventure or extreme sports enthusiasts must not miss!

To buy Sandi Supreme Super Speed series memory cards, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

The SanDisk mobile solid state drive series has always been a good helper for photographers to back up material. With the addition of sea sky blue and pine and cypress green color matching, the Superior ™mobile solid state drive Superior Edition supports direct editing of material on the hard drive with read speed up to 1050MB/si and write speed up to 1000MB/si; at the same time, IP65-grade waterproof, dust-proof and drop protection make outdoor shooting and data backup more secure. For professional photographers, you can choose the Pro version of SanDisk Super Super Speed ™Mobile solid State disk (E81) with up to 4TBii capacity. The read and write speed of the SanDisk E81 is increased to 2000MB/si, shortening the waiting time; with the help of IP65 protection level and encryption technology, there is no need to worry about data privacy and security even during the journey or in the harsh environment.

To buy the Superior ™Mobile SSD Premium Edition, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

To buy the supreme super speed ™mobile solid state drive Pro version, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

For scenes such as ultra-high definition video recording, high frame rate video recording and high resolution continuous shooting, the emergence of SanDisk ™professional film and television CFexpress ™Type B memory card satisfies professional photographers' pursuit of cinema-level picture quality. Efficiency is king of the fast-paced era, it has up to 1500MB/si write speed and 1700MB/si read speed, support for high frame rate shooting, can be used with SanDisk master PRO-READER CFexpress ™card reader and SanDisk master 4-slot PRO version docking station (sold separately), improve scalability, support synchronous transfer of material, and maximize productivity.

To buy CFexpress ™Type B memory card for ™professional film and television, please visit Mall and Tmall flagship store

Selection of storage equipment in film and television industry

From silent to audio, black and white to color, 2D to 3D, people pursue the fullness and true look and feel of the content, and also drive people to look for professional and reliable tools to help create more masterpieces. SanDisk Master brand with a strong product portfolio to provide professionals with a wealth of storage solutions, helping to achieve excellent results.

All kinds of harsh environment and unexpected situation on the set are the daily challenges that film and television workers need to deal with. Master SanDisk's geek external hard drive is equipped with a sturdy aluminum shell, internal shock absorber frame and rubber protective cover, which can protect your data with reliable design; up to the capacity of 5TBii, it can also handle the storage and backup of massive materials on the opposite side. Master SanDisk PRO-G40 SSD external solid state drive is also popular with professionals because of its strong compatibility and read and write performance-Thunderbolt ™3 interface can achieve read speed as high as 3000MB/si and write speed of 2500MB/si, and still maintain ultra-fast speed in high-intensity workflow.

To buy master SanDisk geek external hard drive, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

To buy SanDisk Master PRO-G40 SSD external solid state drive, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

Powerful, reliable and scalable excellent storage solution Master SanDisk extreme Blade ™Modular solid State disk system can help film and television staff to establish an uninterrupted and efficient workflow. Master SanDisk extreme Blade ™modular solid state drive is small in size, with a single capacity up to 4TBii, which can meet the needs of film and television professionals to continuously shoot and back up a large number of HD content. SanDisk Master extreme Blade ™Modular solid State disk can not only be installed in portable SanDisk extreme Blade ™TRANSPORT external solid State disk, but also can be used for on-hook direct storage to achieve efficient backup at speeds up to 2000MB/si. It also supports the loading of up to 4 SanDisk Master extreme Blade ™modular solid state drives into the SanDisk extreme Blade ™STATION docking vi to achieve the high-speed transmission performance of 3000MB/si, support synchronous sharing of material progress, and ensure work efficiency.

To buy Master SanDisk extreme Blade ™Modular solid State disk system, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store

SanDisk geek ™G-DRIVE ™drive and SanDisk geek ™G-DRIVE ™hard drive can well coordinate the work progress of the studio team. Both products have built-in 7200RPM Ultrastar ™enterprise HDD to easily cope with ultra-high workloads and quickly back up hours of video footage. SanDisk geek ™G-DRIVE ™agile hard drive also comes with SanDisk extreme blade ™modular solid state drive slot, which can easily build a variety of digital workflows and provide read and write speed up to 260MB/si, ensuring creative efficiency. As a super-high-capacity desktop storage backup device, Master SanDisk geek ™G-DRIVE ™hard drive capacity up to 22TBii, can easily backup, transfer and archive valuable material for the team.

To buy master SanDisk desktop hard drive series, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

The efficiency artifact of the student party and the workers

In the digital age, there is an overwhelming amount of information in student parties and professionals every day. A portable storage product has become our "second brain", helping us preserve bits and pieces of our lives and work, allowing us to get twice the result with half the effort.

Flash drives are not unfamiliar to most people, especially when dealing with office documents, photos and audio-visual materials for daily study. The newly launched SanDisk High Speed ™cool ™OTG USB 3.1 (Type C) flash drive (SDDDC4) can help you protect file materials while freeing up your phone's capacity, supporting smooth movement of files between USB Type-C and USB Type-A devices. Who says flash drives can only be cold storage devices? It can also become a beautiful fashion item. ™™OTG USB 3.1 (Type C) flash drive (SDDDC3) features fresh and beautiful colors such as bamboo pine green, blue and lilac, and is also a practical dual-interface design to meet the needs of storage and backup in multiple scenarios.

To buy the ™cool ™OTG USB 3.1 (Type C) flash drive, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

To buy the ™™OTG USB 3.1 (Type C) flash drive of the Supreme Expressway, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

If you pursue portable, high-speed and high-capacity storage products, the SSD version of My Passport ™will certainly meet your requirements. Small and portable, palm-sized shape, no pressure to carry around; as high as 1050iMB/s and 1000MB/si reading and writing speed, so that office and learning are no longer restricted by location. The My Passport ™mobile hard drive with a capacity up to 5TBii is a mobile, portable and cost-effective storage device with a variety of colors to create a unique fashion sense; through data backup software, daily work and study materials do not have to worry about loss.

To buy the SSD version of My Passport ™, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

To buy My Passport ™mobile hard drive, please visit Mall and Tmall flagship store.

For users of lightweight notebooks, tablets and Android phones, SanDisk launched a new high-speed ™mobile microSD UHS-I memory card with a capacity up to 1.5TBii this year, which is an excellent choice to support the expansion of microSD card devices with large capacity.

If you want to buy the ™mobile microSD UHS-I memory card of Sandi Supreme Express, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

A container of inspiration for content creators

Whether they are self-media people or designers, as content creators, innovation runs through the work, and high-speed and reliable storage devices are "artifacts" that can protect their continuous creative inspiration, protecting every hard-won creative content.

Behind the output of high-quality content requires the painstaking material accumulation of creators and the assistance of various related professional tools. WD Blue ™SN580 NVMe ™SSD, newly launched by Western Digital this year, uses DRAM-less design to achieve lower power consumption, making it ideal for PC and notebook expansion. At the same time, its sequential read and write speed of up to 4150 MB/si (1TB and 2TBii models) can greatly improve productivity.

To buy WD Blue ™SN580 NVMe ™SSD, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

For families or creative studios, large-capacity desktop storage devices can better help them back up creative content. WD My Book ™desktop storage devices have a large capacity up to 22TBii, enough to backup data and modern home audio and video files; excellent compatibility, out of the box, so that ideas no longer wait.

To buy WD My Book ™desktop storage equipment, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store.

NAS entry Guide

For audio and video lovers to build personal audio and video libraries, small businesses to build file storage servers, and home users to back up family photo albums and family wisdom videos, building a reliable NAS system can help you get twice the result with half the effort.

With the exclusive NASware ™3.0 technology, WD Red ™Plus HDD and WD Red ™Pro HDD can optimize NAS system performance, improve compatibility, integration, scalability and reliability, and easily cope with enterprise-class high-intensity workloads. 24x7 operation can also ensure security and stability, creating a worry-free corporate office environment and home entertainment center.

To buy WD Red ™Plus HDD, please see Mall and Tmall flagship store; WD Red ™Pro HDD, Mall and Tmall flagship store

No matter which type of storage product you choose, don't forget to back up the data content multiple times in a reasonable way. The last wave of good-priced carnival, select good things, discount upgrades, Western Digital to meet your diverse storage needs!

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