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The new version of vivo Y36 goes on sale, and the price of 1000 yuan exceeds the upper limit of comprehensive experience.

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On December 1, 2023, the vivo Y36 6GB+128GB version went on sale. Vivo Y36 is the latest product of the vivo Y series released on November 17, 2023. The new machine offers three new colors of Deep Space Black, Fantasy Purple and Xinghe Gold, and is equipped with a large 5000mAh battery, a 840nit bright eye shield and a rear 13 million clear image system. It shows a leading strength in appearance design, flight duration, performance configuration, audio-visual experience, video capabilities and practical functions, and can be called the "king of comprehensive experience in thousands of yuan machines".

New and upgraded fashion appearance, exploring the beauty of trendy science and technology

As an iterative model of the vivo Y series, vivo Y36 has carried out an innovative design in appearance, introducing three new color matches of Deep Space Black, Fantasy Purple and Xinghe Gold, using different design processes to give the three colors of the same material a completely different visual look and feel to meet the needs of personalized trends.

The deep space black color matching is calm, profound and light, and the texture inside the flowing large light shadow lens is supplemented by the outer pattern of fluorite flash point, which allows users to see the still night starry sky between the flow of light and shadow; the fantasy purple color matching adopts Catharanthus roseus, coupled with the smart 3D three-dimensional spherical depth-of-field texture technology, so that the color and light and shadow of the mobile phone constantly change with the movement of visual angle, showing the beauty of smart technology. Xinghe gold color matching combines classic wire drawing texture and optical electroplating technology, exquisite medium microstrip luster, showing the true artistic conception of sunset gold sand and overflowing color.

The frosted material backplane can not only resist fingerprints, but also create a delicate and comfortable feel, with 2.5D integrated straight edge and middle frame, which is not only simple to see, but also has a more recognizable degree, but also takes into account the comfortable sense of holding, "the straight edge does not cut the hand, the hand is not tired for a long time", the beauty of order and daily use are perfectly integrated.

Large storage, long duration, strong performance, smooth experience is guaranteed.

In addition to being good-looking, the vivo Y36 also has a unique lead in the smooth experience. On the basis of continuing the practical characteristics of long-lasting performance of Y series large storage, vivo Y36 provides insight into users' pain points and brings effective solutions to the common problems of electricity, memory and network speed in the daily use of the machine.

Excessive use of App and fast power consumption are the most common problems in mobile phone use. Vivo Y36 is equipped with 5000mAh high-capacity battery, which brings long-lasting battery life. In view of the pain points of users with limited storage space and poor use for a long time, vivo Y36 not only carries large memory such as 128GB and 256GB, but also double memory expansion function to add code to the smooth experience of mobile phone. Equipped with memory Fusion 3.0technology, the storage space of vivo Y36 can be double expanded, and more applications can be opened in the background; the new storage compression function can also save 20GB space at most, and users no longer have to struggle with "if there is not enough memory, you can only uninstall applications".

The network is fast, the signal is good, the use is more smooth. Equipped with integrated dual-mode 5G processor, vivo Y36 is supported by strong performance, and the signal can also be guaranteed in horizontal game scenes.

200% super loudspeaker + highlight eye protection screen to enjoy sound and sound

On the basis of practical characteristics, the audio and video ability of the mobile phone is related to the user experience of the audio-visual entertainment scene. Vivo Y36 is equipped with the third generation of exclusive custom super loudspeakers, bringing users a surging sense of up to 200% volume, fully meeting the volume requirements in multiple scenes. At birthday parties and seaside barbecue, the atmosphere-regulating BGM is played happily; when doing housework alone, it is easy to accompany with the lively crosstalk variety show; when you drive out, the clear navigation sound can reduce the driver's dependence on the mobile phone screen and bring driving sense of security. There are sixth-generation SKT sound effects and 17-level fine tuning and multi-scene adaptive tuning effects, the overall voice high-frequency prominent, mellow and powerful bass, the use of vivo Y36 to listen to music, immersive enjoyment of movies, can obviously feel more rich content and details.

Many users like to use their mobile phones to brush short videos and read novels, and the high-brightness eye protection screen of vivo Y36 also provides care for these high-frequency eye scenes. During the sunny day, the screen of vivo Y36 is as bright as 700nit, which can be bright and clear both indoor and outdoor. For outdoor bright lights, vivo Y36 carries a light sensor that can increase the brightness of the screen to 840nit in a short time, even if you go to the beach to sunbathe, you don't have to worry about not seeing the phone screen clearly. At night, the eye protection mode of vivo Y36 can effectively reduce the content of blue light and better protect the health of eyesight.

For users who like to play games, vivo Y36 is also enough. The high brush of 90Hz and the touch sampling rate of 180Hz ensure smooth screen, smooth operation and high playability.

1300 million HD lens + flagship anti-stroboscopic sensor to freeze the beautiful moment clearly

In terms of image, vivo Y36 follows the brand's consistent ultimate pursuit of imaging ability, with a rear 13 million + front 5 million HD pixel system that supports PDAF autofocus and HDR intelligent imaging. The front and rear night shots all use multi-frame noise reduction, the dark night scene is natural and clear, and the dim light selfie is vivid and exquisite, maintaining a very competitive configuration advantage in the thousands of yuan price range.

It is worth noting that the vivo Y36 is equipped with an anti-strobe sensor equipped with the mainstream flagship machine, which is able to accurately detect the frequency of the light source and assist in improving the "water ripple" phenomenon when taking pictures and videos. Users can easily shoot electronic screen or food or other still life under the light without worrying about the imaging quality. This configuration effectively broadens the imaging ability of the phone and effectively optimizes the user experience.

While constantly optimizing its own image strength, vivo Y36 also encourages users to create personalized images. In addition to the features such as multi-style night scenes, multi-style portraits and photo posture guidelines, the phone has added a micro-movie function to provide real-time video script guidance for high-frequency scenes in daily life. Users can generate their own vlog through simple operation, and the video shooting is faster and the inspiration is vivid in an instant.

Aging function protects family health OriginOS 3 helps intelligent life

Thanks to the excellent comprehensive experience, the vivo Y series is also the first choice for many users to give to their elders. From the perspective of elder care, vivo Y36 comprehensively optimizes the design of aging-friendly functions, providing a number of intimate functions such as sleep components, medication punch-in components, family sharing, emergency calls, and so on, to protect family safety at all times. For example, using the home sharing function, users can remotely find family devices, set up security geographical fences, and achieve omni-directional security protection. The emergency call function can transmit call information through three channels: telephone, text message and flash message. The emergency call page can not only show the location of the caller, but also turn on the maximum ringtone and vibration. When the first emergency contact is not answered, the system will automatically call other emergency contacts to ensure that every emergency call can be answered in time.

Relying on the smooth and intelligent OriginOS 3dyVivo Y36 also helps the whole family to upgrade their intelligent life experience, introducing atomic components, document de-shadow, focus mode, one-button Wi-Fi connection and other unique functions, bringing a more convenient lifestyle and realizing the overall optimization of the user's comprehensive experience.

On the whole, vivo Y36 shows its leading strength, technical advantages and experience advantages in terms of appearance design, smooth experience, video capabilities and practical functions, and occupies a unique position in the 1000-yuan price range, which is worthy of users' first choice. At present, the vivo Y36 6GB+128GB version has been officially put on sale, and you can enjoy multiple gifts when you buy a machine.

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