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Science and technology last night 1202 this morning: Xiaomi spokesman: the so-called "cold 4 billion" is purely false and completely untrue; the gap between BYD and Tesla in the field of pure electricity has narrowed to thousands; Jianghuai Automobile and

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Hello, everyone. It's Saturday, December 2, 2023. Today's important technological information is:

1. It is reported that TSMC 3nm exclusive contract manufacturer Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, Samsung yield is still not satisfactory. Taiwan Media Science and Technology News released a report on December 1 that Qualcomm's next-generation flagship 3nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor is still manufactured only by TSMC, rather than the previously rumored TSMC and Samsung double contract manufacturing model. According to the latest industry information, Qualcomm has officially cancelled its plans to use Samsung's processors next year because of Samsung's conservative expansion plans for next year's 3nm capacity and unsatisfactory yield, the report said. The double-contract manufacturing model has been postponed to 2025. > > View details

2. Dozens of 985,211 universities across the country have announced the opening of Huawei Hongmeng HarmonyOS-related courses according to the latest public information on Huawei's online talent website, the second batch of Huawei projects of the industry-university cooperative education project of the Ministry of Education in 2023 has been announced, including the Hongmeng project of 16 well-known universities, including Harbin Institute of Technology, Tianjin University, University of Electronic Science and Technology. Prior to this, 985 universities such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Wuhan University have taken the lead in offering HarmonyOS-related courses. > > View details

3. Ariyun announces Thousand ask 72 billion parameter model open source Aliyun announces open source Thousand ask 72 billion parameter model Qwen-72B, 1.8 billion parameter model Qwen-1.8B and audio large model Qwen-Audio, which is now online. > > View details

4. fresh lamps will be banned and standardize the publicity effect of toothpaste since December 1, and the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration, which has affected your life since December, issued the measures for Supervision and Administration of the quality and Safety of Market sales of Edible Agricultural products on July 22, which shall enter into force as of December 1, 2023. The "measures" clearly mentioned that in response to the problem that the masses reflect that "fresh lamps" mislead consumers, increase the requirements for the setting and use of facilities such as lighting in sales venues: selling fresh edible agricultural products, it is forbidden to mislead consumers' sensory perception of commodities by using lighting and other facilities that cause significant changes in sensory properties such as the true color of edible agricultural products. > > View details

5. Tesla's first Cybertruck pure electric pickup truck delivery: can pull 11,000 pounds, 0-60 mph acceleration 2.6 seconds Tesla held a Cybertruck delivery event at 4: 00 a.m. on December 1, and revealed relevant information about this pure electric pickup truck. Musk said the pure electric pickup can tow more than 11000 pounds (about 4994 kilograms) and has a payload capacity of 2500 pounds (about 1135 kilograms). The Cybertruck box is 6 feet long, 4 feet wide and 17 inches (431.8 millimeters) above the ground. Musk also said that the Cybertruck accelerated from zero to 60 miles in 2.6 seconds and could complete 1/4 miles in 11 seconds. > > View details

6. A spokesman for Xiaomi Company: the rumors about Lei Jun's "cold 4 billion" are purely false. A spokesman for Xiaomi Company said in a statement on December 1 that life is not Shuangwen. Today, there are a large number of false rumors about Lei Jun, the founder of the group, and the so-called "cold 4 billion" is purely false and completely untrue. Please do not believe, do not pass. > > View details

7. It is reported that Huawei nova 12 series and the new folding screen are equipped with Kirin 5G platform, and the mobile phone case has been exposed that the blogger @ digital chat station posted photos of Huawei's new vertical folding screen and nova 12 series mobile phone case on Weibo on December 1, and revealed that both new phones are equipped with Kirin 5G chips, but the supply is not large, and the mid-range 5G is not expected to return fully until next year. > > View details

Organization: Q3 global sales of new energy vehicles this year 3.455 million, BYD pure streetcar and Tesla less than 1000 pieces of market research agency TrendForce Jibang Consulting December 1 released the third quarter of 2023 global new energy vehicle sales report. Data show that sales of new energy vehicles totaled 3.455 million units in the quarter, an increase of 28.1% over the same period last year. Among the top 10 brands of pure electric models in this quarter, the difference in sales between Tesla and BYD was less than a thousand. If the "momentum" brand under BYD is included in the total amount, it will be able to surpass Tesla. > > View details

9. Bid farewell to the mute dialer. It is reported that all the standard operating buttons of Apple's iPhone 16 are equipped with operating buttons. According to foreign technology media MacRumors reports, all four models of the iPhone 16 that Apple will launch next year are equipped with operating buttons.

In the iPhone 16 series, which will be launched next year, Apple plans to change the operation button from a mechanical button to a capacitive button and expand to provide more functions. Apple's internal improved operation button project is codenamed "Atlas" and the button features are similar to the Touch ID Home button on the old iPhone model or the Force Touch trackpad on the newer MacBook. > > View details

10. It is reported that Xiaomi tablet 7 series is equipped with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor and will debut with Xiaomi 14 Ultra. According to blogger @ Digital chat Station on December 1, Xiaomi's new tablet with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor will debut with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 Xiaomi Image flagship. Combined with previous revelations, the two products are expected to be Xiaomi tablet 7 series and Xiaomi 14 Ultra phones, respectively. > > View details

Amap reached a cooperation with Huawei to launch Hongmeng native application development Huawei official announced on December 1, Amap reached Hongmeng cooperation with Huawei, Gao de will officially launch Hongmeng native application development based on HarmonyOS NEXT, and become the first partner in the navigation industry to launch Hongmeng native application development. > > View details

12. The website of Xiaomi Automobile is open to visit. At present, it is only a screenshot of the official website. Xiaomi Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. filed the domain name of the website on August 2, but it was not resolved to the web page at that time, so it is not sure whether it is a protective registration. CTOnews.com12 visited again on March 1 and found that has been able to analyze the jump, but there is no content related to Xiaomi car, but several screenshots from Xiaomi's official website are stitched together, which can be seen from the picture that it is still in the stage of Xiaomi 13 Ultra promotion, that is, April this year. > > View details

13. Jianghuai Automobile and Huawei Terminal signed the "Intelligent New Energy vehicle Cooperation Agreement": comprehensive cooperation in development, production and other fields to build a luxurious intelligent network connected electric vehicle Jianghuai Automobile notice on December 1, announced the signing of the "Intelligent New Energy vehicle Cooperation Agreement" with Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd. > > View details

14. Sources say that Tencent small World will change its name to QQ short Video. According to interface news reports, Tencent QQ's "small World" (hereinafter referred to as small World) is about to change its name to "QQ short Video" to further strengthen its product positioning of short videos. According to the report, a source from within QQ said that at present, on the entire QQ platform, many users only watch short videos and do not participate in chat. > > View details

That's all for today. Technology last night and this morning, I'll see you next week.

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