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Tencent jointly established a global low-carbon innovation alliance, and the public welfare low-carbon technology innovation community "carbon LIVE International Edition" landed.

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Shulou( Report--, December 2, COP28 (United Nations Climate change Conference 2023) opened today, Tencent unveiled the carbon neutralization laboratory from Tencent SSV (Sustainable Social values Division), a public welfare low-carbon technology innovation community open to the world-- the international version of carbon LIVE.

At the Dubai venue, initiated by the chairman of COP28, Tencent and many partners jointly established a global low-carbon innovation alliance, with the "carbon LIVE International Edition" as the first landing practice.

At present, nearly 300 leading international companies and associations in the field of technology or climate, including McKinsey, LinkedIn, AIIB (Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank), Siemens and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), have joined the carbon LIVE platform. Investcorp, a global investment agency, officially joined the alliance and announced the establishment of a $750 million fund ( Note: currently about 5.355 billion yuan).

It is understood that the international version of carbon LIVE has a number of plates, including innovation team, product technology, resource planet, action map, carbon search plan, and tool laboratory.

Innovation team

Product technology

Resource planet

Action graph

Carbon search program

Tool laboratory

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