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The OPPO fashion has become again! The first sales of Reno11 Pro hit a new high, 307% higher than that of the previous generation.

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On December 1, OPPO Reno11 Pro ushered in the official launch of online and offline all-channel sales, with a price of 3499 yuan. At present, the official has released the first sales report of OPPO Reno11 Pro, and the sales volume reached 307% of that of the previous generation in the same period in 30 minutes, continuing the hot atmosphere of the first sale of OPPO Reno11 standard edition, and properly another popular style product. One may wonder, what is the attraction of the Reno11 series? Let's take a look at some of the major experiences that OPPO Reno11 Pro "hit" the pain points of consumers.

SLR full-focus three-shot, every scene is easy to take pictures.

The first is the image, in the same level of models, the performance of the OPPO Reno11 Pro is quite eye-catching, bringing 5000 million SLR portraits, which can achieve 0.6x, 1x, 2x and 5x focal images, covering the shooting needs of half-body and full-body portraits. At the same time, OPPO Reno11 Pro also inherits the same image algorithm of the Find series, which optimizes the picture quality, light and shadow and color, and can handle all kinds of light and scenes. In addition, the OPPO Reno11 Pro main photo support OIS optical anti-shake, 2x optical zoom, shooting gourmet scenery texture blockbuster is easy to come by.

Image OPPO Reno11 Pro most prominent selling point or on the portrait focus, equipped with SLR level portrait lens for the 47mm golden portrait focus section, support 2x optical zoom, thanks to strong arithmetic support and portrait algorithm optimization, OPPO Reno11 Pro can accurately calculate the relationship between the main body and the environment light and shadow, with light and shadow to break the plane to bring more three-dimensional natural portrait. Coupled with the Find-level tone texture and color performance, as well as the targeted optimization of skin color and facial features, ordinary users can easily shoot real and natural SLR portraits.

In terms of creative inspiration, OPPO Reno11 Pro is equipped with a dynamic light screen with the same origin as the Find X6 series, which can be excited up to 8 times the brightness with the blessing of ProXDR photon matrix display technology. At the same time, the peak brightness of 1600 Nitts supported by OPPO Reno11 Pro, coupled with a 1.5K super-retina screen, makes every photo taken by Reno11 Pro show a light and shadow effect close to what the human eye actually sees on the mobile screen.

More powerful performance configuration interacts with the system

In the core configuration, OPPO Reno11 Pro has a flagship full-blooded version of Snapdragon 8, and the highest 12G+512GB has a large memory. Daily use or playing games will not hold you back. Factory pre-installed powerful ColorOS 14 system, the latest file transfer station, cross-end synchronization, fluid cloud and flash matting and other practical functions, productivity Max. And the enhancement of ColorOS supercomputing platform can also completely release the performance, multi-applications open the same card without killing the background, at the same time, it is still as smooth as new 4 years later.

In the experience of audio-visual eye protection, OPPO Reno11 Pro also performs well, supporting 2160Hz PWM high-frequency eye dimming, high-intensity machine can also protect eye vision to a certain extent. In addition, OPPO Reno11 Pro also has battery health engine escort, 4 years of durable life guarantee, covering almost the entire life cycle of the machine. Finally, there is a longevity version of 80W super flash charging with extremely fast blood return, which supports-20 ℃ extremely cold mode charging and UFCS fusion fast charging protocol. And infrared and NFC and other practical functions have not been left behind, and there is no deficiency in the comprehensive configuration.

Guangyun gem is made of the same style as Zhu Yilong.

In the appearance design, OPPO Reno11 Pro uses OPPO new light rhyme gem technology to create, a gem three colors, so that the trend of the appearance of further. Color matching focuses on sparkling and charming moonlight gems, as well as natural and mysterious turquoise green and low-key exquisite obsidian black. The design of the rear camera group is inspired by the classic dial, the jewelry-level production standard is embellished with 708 rings, and the shining fuselage adds a lot of exquisite feeling.

Generally speaking, the comprehensive product strength of OPPO Reno11 Pro is quite comprehensive. For example, to impress consumers' video experience, ordinary users can easily shoot SLR portraits without expensive lens fees. There is also a more powerful performance, smooth and durable ColorOS 14, as well as four years of durable large batteries and flash charging technology, overall balanced performance. At present, OPPO Reno11 Pro has been fully launched, like can now go to the online and offline major platforms, the lowest price of 3499 yuan and the first sale period of free 4-year battery protection, interested can go to the OPPO official mall and the major e-commerce platform to learn more.

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