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Tencent Cloud Tianyu content risk Control was selected as the "Top Ten Innovation cases of AI Industry landing in 2023"

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The big model detonates the global hot spot, the AI wave sweeps the whole world, and the development of AIGC also brings "subversive" change to various industries. Recently, the results of the "Top Ten innovative cases of AI Industry landing in 2023" launched by the Daily Business News have been announced, and Tencent Security has been honored for its risk control AIGC full-link content security solution.

As the second digital economy authority list held by the Daily Economic News, this year's selection is devoted to exploring industrial strategic opportunities and practical paths under the tide of large models, and looking for real "AI actors". The top ten cases on the list are not only the innovation of AI technology, but also the specific application of AI to the industry, and has an excellent performance in industrial upgrading.

The change of AI technology is undoubtedly an epoch-making revolution. The application layer innovation of AI large model technology is changing with each passing day, which not only liberates a large number of repetitive labor, but also reshapes the industrial ecology and business competition model. At the level of content creation, the integration and transformation of artificial intelligence are everywhere. Many enterprises rely on the applications of graphic design, social applications, film and television production, office collaboration and so on developed by AIGC technology, which inject convenience into production and life and at the same time lead to a lot of content security challenges: AI generation of illegal content, AI face change fraud, AI misinformation slander, AI infringement …...

Specifically, the content security risk of AIGC comes from the training phase, the generation phase to the full link after the application is launched. In the training stage, it is necessary to strictly control the authenticity, harmlessness and availability of the data source, as well as the legality and standardization of the training content; in the generation stage, the content generated by AIGC is complex and diverse, and the content is confusing, which has a great impact on the traditional content risk control system based on real scene data. In the application launch stage, the real-time requirements are relatively high, so we need to pay close attention to whether the content generated by AI causes public discomfort or content violations, improve and respond in time.

BSP risk control AIGC full-link content security solution covers the content security construction of AIGC applications from model training to content generation to ex post operation, and provides four capability plates including revision service, security expert service, machine audit service and copyright protection service, with a machine accuracy of 99.99%, greatly improving the efficiency of enterprise content risk control.

First of all, on the input side, Tencent Cloud Tianyu risk control lays out the corresponding risk control strategy to judge whether the input instruction violates the rules, so as to avoid the output of illegal content from the source. Secondly, from the aspect of revision, in view of the difficulties of huge amount of audit and complex and diverse forms, Tencent Cloud can ensure data quality and remove high-risk content from the aspects of consistency and logic. Third, in terms of copyright protection problems, Tencent Cloud Tianyu risk Control has established a unified ID database of copyright assets to help enterprises conduct copyright original screening and effectively solve the "difficulties and complications" of AIGC content.

At present, Tencent Security has implemented a number of scenarios in the field of AIGC content security, providing content security services for enterprises producing content such as text, graphic, video content and novel text, and escorting the healthy development of generative artificial intelligence.

In addition, Fuyou truck and Tencent jointly created the industry's first big digital freight model, which was also selected as one of the top ten innovative cases. Based on large model technology, Tencent Cloud provides customized solutions for different industries to achieve an overall improvement in operational efficiency and customer experience.

The next few years will be an important window for the transition of artificial intelligence technology. Tencent Security will continue to innovate, help Qianhang Baiye accelerate the transformation of digital intelligence, and protect the high-quality development of digital economy with digital security immunity.

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