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A seemingly impossible three-pose photo is hotly debated: it is actually caused by panoramic mode splicing.

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Shulou( Report--, December 3 (Xinhua)-- A picture that has gone viral on social media has caused a heated discussion among netizens. The picture, posted on Instagram by comedian Tessa Coates, shows her standing in front of two mirrors in a wedding shop. Oddly enough, Coates seems to be in three different poses at the same time in this photo.

As can be seen from the photo, Coates's arm is hanging on his side in one mirror, folded in front of his abdomen in the other mirror, and one arm folded and the other hand hanging on his side in the foreground. notes that opinions vary as to how this happens. Some people claim that this is caused by computational photography, while others say that it is a malfunction of Live Photos. Others thought it was just a well-orchestrated viral marketing and that the picture was forged by PS.

In response, Faruk of iPhonedo, a YouTube channel, posted an explanatory video. Faruk examined the metadata of the image and found that the photo was probably taken using the panoramic feature on iPhone 12 due to an operational error.

In her initial Instagram post, Coates said it was a "real picture, not processed by Photoshop, not a panorama, not a Live Photo." But Faruk said that although this is not a standard panoramic image, it was still taken in her iPhone 12 panoramic mode setting.

Faruk said that although there seems to be nothing wrong with the photo, the resolution is not reasonable because it is not the resolution of iPhone 12. IPhone 12's main camera took a picture with a resolution of 4516-3874, but her picture was 3028-3948. This is impossible unless you take a picture in panoramic mode. What actually happened was that Coates' arm was initially hanging and she was moving her arm when she took the picture. She was supposed to lift her right arm first and then her left arm. At the same time, the camera is in panoramic mode, so all these actions are spliced together.

The point is that the picture is not wide enough to be recognized as a panorama by the iOS system. This is why there is no sign on the picture to indicate that it is a panorama. In essence, this is a panoramic picture of failure.

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