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Cairo game "I like Unity" Steam bundles are back on the shelves, buying 4 games for 28.88 yuan

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Shulou( Report--, December 3 news, Cairo Games (Kairosoft) on Steam re-launched the "I like Unity" bundle (a total of 5), each bundle has 4 games (some games original price 38 yuan), selling 28.88 yuan. noted that the series of bundles were originally created to resist the new Unity charging rules, called "Cairo games are all made with Unity special sale", and after Unity apologized and changed the rules, officials renamed it to "I like Unity".

Bundle 1

The Story of Game Development

The Story of Zhenbao Airport

The Tale of Basketball craze

The Story of Department Store

Bundle 2

The Story of adventurous Village

The Story of Creative Hamburg

The Story of Pocket College 2

Sprint! The Story of Racing

Bundle 3

The Tale of Hot Spring

The Tale of a Water Park in Summer

The Story of Senqiu Camp

The Story of Tennis Club

Bundle 4

The Story of Happy apartment

The Tale of sparkling Ski Resort

The Story of the Baseball Academy

Build it! The Forest of Golf

Bundle 5

The Dream Story of the Amusement Park

The Tale of the Resort Island in the South

The Tale of Urban tycoons

The Story of Football Club

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