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The second phase of Tailan new energy plant project starts, and the commercialization of semi-solid battery products will be accelerated.

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Shulou( Report--

On November 21, at the construction site of the second phase of Tailan New Energy Project in Chongqing, the centralized start-up and completion of the project in Chongqing Liangjiang New area in the fourth quarter of 2023 was held. Among them, the start-up and commissioning of Tailan New Energy Chongqing Phase II plant project will take advantage of its semi-solid battery mass production technology to strongly enable the local intelligent network to connect the new energy vehicle industry, and promote the industrial chain as a whole to a new level of development.

Since its inception, Tailan New Energy has taken the "popularization of solid-state batteries" as its own responsibility. In the specific development path, Tailan New Energy implements the strategy of "solid-state electrolyte key technology research and development" and "commercial popularization", taking advantage of industry opportunities to promote semi-solid battery products to take the lead in mass production. It is reported that Tailan New Energy Chongqing Phase II project planning capacity 2GWh, with the production of passenger car power batteries as the core, taking into account small power, energy storage and other use scenarios. After reaching production, the annual output value is expected to exceed 2 billion yuan, indicating that the new energy production capacity of Tailan has entered a new stage.

As early as 2011, the core R & D team of Tailan New Energy is committed to the development of key technologies of solid-state batteries and promotes the R & D and industrialization of solid-state lithium batteries and key lithium materials. In terms of route selection, Tailan New Energy is always the representative of oxide route. Through material and process innovation, it has developed electrolyte ultrathin film preparation technology and interface softening technology, and successfully developed solid electrolyte and solid-state lithium battery based on oxide system.

In 2022, Tailan New Energy completed and put into production the first solid-state battery factory, becoming the first company in the industry to mass-produce semi-solid-state batteries. At present, the production and operation of the Tailan Phase I plant is smooth and orderly, and it has completed the technical reserve of a variety of new materials and advanced semi-solid / solid-state batteries. Next, the Tailan Chongqing Phase II plant will work with the automotive industry chain in Liangjiang New area to give full play to the advantages of solid-state battery technology and accelerate the march into excellent independent new energy technology enterprises.

During the centralized start-up and completion of the project in Chongqing Liangjiang New area in the fourth quarter of 2023, Dr. CTO Gao Xiang, Chairman of Tai Lan New Energy, delivered a speech at the scene: "the feeling of 'industry serving the country and industrial power' is the source of strength to push Tai Lan forward. Tailan new energy will add power, shape the new potential energy of lithium industry with 'solid core', and contribute to the coordinated development of Chongqing 'intelligent network connected new energy vehicle' industry chain! "

As Dr. Gao Xiang said, Tailan New Energy will take this event as an opportunity to further clarify its development strategy, cultivate core R & D capabilities, accelerate the industrialization of semi-solid and all-solid battery products, and enter a new stage of development.

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