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Using the thinking of making a Mobile phone to make a bigger screen-- Yu Chengdong declassified the story behind the Giant screen Mobile phone

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Shulou( Report--

‏ since Huawei ‏‏ smart screen ‏‏ put forward the concept of ‏‏ "‏ to do mobile thinking and smart screen" ‏, ‏‏ continues to refresh the upper limit of the TV industry and is committed to bringing users the most cutting-edge interactive technology, ‏‏. ‏‏ to this end, there are more and more ‏‏ living room large screen devices began to ‏‏ pay attention to user interaction and ‏‏ intelligent experience. However, on this track, Huawei ‏‏ smart screen ‏‏ breaks the old industry rules with the concept of "often new" ‏‏, and through the ‏‏ panoramic intelligent experience of ‏‏ 1: 8 ‏‏, ‏ continues to bring industry-leading intelligent function ‏ to consumers. ‏

‏, so why does Huawei Smart screen continue to lead the industry? At ‏‏ today, the tech life of ‏‏ famous technology blogger @ E ‏‏ va ‏‏ released ‏‏ 's ‏‏ video ‏‏ in ‏‏, and we can find the answer. In the video, she met Yu Chengdong, Huawei terminal BG CEO, offline, and conducted an in-depth interview and discussion on Huawei ‏‏ 's annual ‏‏ smart screen flagship product, Huawei smart screen V5 Pro. ‏

In the ‏ video, Yu Chengdong personally deciphered the unique features of Huawei's smart screen V5 Pro to his ‏‏, of which the most eye-catching ‏‏ of ‏‏ is the technology base ‏‏ that Huawei ‏‏ telephones point to remote control ‏‏ and ‏‏ seconds change into "giant screen phone" ‏‏. Yu Chengdong also frequently ‏‏ ‏‏ in the interview video. He ‏‏ mentioned that the emergence of Huawei telepathic remote control has enabled ‏‏ to achieve the innovative interactive experience ‏‏ of ‏‏ "from watching TV to playing TV" ‏‏, which not only shows ‏‏ Huawei ‏‏ 's innovative concept of ‏‏ in the smart screen field, but also demonstrates the strength of ‏‏ Huawei in leading industry change. ‏

‏ is the world's first Huawei telephony ‏‏ pointing to remote control ‏‏, and the smart screen changes into a "giant screen phone" ‏.

‏ as Huawei's newly released high-end flagship machine, Huawei Smart screen V5 Pro ‏ subversely brings ‏ the world's first Huawei telephony ‏‏ pointing remote control ‏‏. With the addition of this innovative feature, it can be said that direct ‏‏ has revolutionized the large-screen interaction of ‏‏. ‏

In the development of ‏ in recent decades, the TV has undergone many iterative updates, but the experience of the remote control has not changed much. The operation is still dominated by click-and-click, and the TV ‏‏ will give corresponding feedback only when the user presses the button. You know, the sliding interaction brought about by touch-screen smartphones has been born for more than a decade, and consumers have long been accustomed to this interactive experience of "where to play". ‏‏ but ‏‏ is limited by the positioning and shape of the TV itself, so it is not suitable for ‏‏ to directly operate ‏‏ by ‏‏ on the screen. ‏‏ remote control ‏‏ has become a "popular" ‏‏, while traditional remote controls have long been point-to-click interaction. It's not efficient or intelligent at all. ‏

‏ so ‏‏ said that ‏‏, Huawei telephony ‏‏ points to the emergence of remote control, which has completed an epoch-making innovation for the interaction of ‏ TV industry.

‏ is boosted by Huawei's telepathic touch technology, and the remote control allows users to slide, click, drag, circle and skip on the remote screen, which is very similar to the touch experience on mobile phones. The control mode is not only efficient and accurate, but also enables the user to easily select and operate the target, realizing the intuitive interaction of "where to point, one finger to control, and the hand to follow the heart". The gesture supported by the remote control is consistent with the gesture of the mobile phone. Using telepathic remote control to operate Huawei smart screen is as familiar and natural as using a ‏‏ "‏‏ ‏‏ mobile phone ‏‏" ‏‏. No wonder Yu Chengdong said bluntly in the video, "‏‏ Huawei ‏‏ telepathy points to the remote control, turning our smart screen into a big-screen mobile phone." ‏

How does ‏ point to the remote control in such an efficient and intuitive way to interact with each other? ‏

‏ is inseparable from the spirit of Huawei challenging ‏‏ "‏‏ technology no man's land" ‏‏. It has developed UWB antenna extreme miniaturization technology, multi-antenna mutual positioning technology, IMU and UWB integration positioning technology ‏‏, ‏‏ and equipped with ‏‏ HarmonyOS distributed soft bus equipment mutual assistance technology and other industry pioneering technologies, realizing the world's first absolute pointing remote control and creating a new era of ‏‏ "giant screen mobile phone". ‏

‏ is worth mentioning that in the future of ‏‏, the ‏‏ technology ‏‏ will make ‏‏ not just exclusive to Huawei's smart screen V5 Pro. Yu Chengdong revealed in an interview that other series in the future, such as other small and medium-sized V series, will also be supported, "so that more people can experience the function of browsing and playing TV brought by telepathy pointing remote control." ‏

‏ Huawei smart screen, good Mate ‏ of Huawei mobile phone

‏ traditional TV always has shortcomings and limitations in the ecology of third-party applications. On Huawei's smart screen, 3 million + mobile phones and tablet apps can be used on smart screens by remotely connecting phones to build super desktop ‏‏, ‏‏ or sending to the smart screen through ‏‏ Huawei Share. The ecological scale of applications ‏‏ directly ‏‏ has jumped to ‏‏ 1 million ‏‏ mobile applications, expanding the ecological scale by 10000 times. ‏

‏ relies on the advantages of Hongmeng system, Huawei smart screen V5 Pro can also achieve convenient, stable and efficient interconnection with Huawei mobile phones, achieve "team of large and small screens, double super pleasure", and create a unique experience of entertainment, connection and care for users. ‏

‏ is like the "super desktop" mentioned above. When you go home, the phone automatically connects to the smart screen and displays the applications in the phone on the smart screen. Users can pick up the Huawei telephony and point to the remote control to play the mobile app on the smart screen. ‏‏ user ‏‏ can also project the ‏‏ content of learning and working ‏‏ in Huawei mobile phone onto ‏‏ Huawei ‏‏ smart screen. Based on Hongmeng's distributed advantages, it can also use smart screen camera and microphone. ‏‏ also supports the projection of content to TV, opening the use of one screen and two interfaces. For example, fitness, watching TV shows on different screens, mobile phones and TV programs show ‏‏ at the same time, and ‏‏ feels the happy ‏‏ of double dopamine. ‏ through HyperTerminal, Huawei Smart screen V5 Pro can also cooperate with tablets, PC and other full-scene devices, and can magnify the experience when forming HyperTerminal with other devices, bringing more extreme enjoyment. ‏

The ‏ industry pioneered many screen games, such as touch casting, 4K screen casting and so on. The super screen of Huawei's smart screen V5 Pro also brings four super experiences of "super convenience", "super fluency", "super clarity" and "super stability". "Smart screen is also known as a good Mate companion for Huawei mobile phones," Yu Chengdong commented in an interview. ‏

‏ also has a smooth ‏‏ and ‏‏ call function. Huawei Smart screen V5 Pro supports up to 1080 ‏‏ P ‏‏ HD video calls between Huawei terminal devices in various forms, including mobile phones, tablets, smart screens, AI speakers, AITO cars, etc., up to 5-party video screen display on the first screen, and support up to 12-party access. ‏‏ you can choose to have a TV call with your friends ‏‏, ‏‏ for ‏‏ online party ‏‏, or video collaboration between ‏‏ and ‏‏ colleagues to work ‏‏. Yu Chengdong said in an interview that he often uses this function. "sometimes I chat with her, and my mother says that my son feels at home every day when he is not at home." ‏

‏ in addition, ‏‏ Huawei Smart screen V5 Pro ‏‏ also supports ‏‏ "remote Assistance" function. Through screen sharing, ‏‏ can help elders at home learn smart screen skills hand in hand, or synchronize open documents to other attendees through screen sharing. Like remote control, Huawei Smart screen ‏‏ ‏‏ makes life and work ‏‏ more convenient. ‏

‏‏ writes ‏‏ at the end of ‏‏ ‏

‏ Huawei Smart screen V5 Pro breaks the inherent imagination of the industry and promotes the progress of the smart large screen industry with its revolutionary innovation. Huawei's innovative interactive mode of telephony and remote control has turned Huawei's smart screen into a ‏‏ "‏‏ giant screen mobile phone ‏‏". ‏‏ makes it as easy to manipulate the smart screen as playing with a mobile phone. ‏ people's TV interaction experience has been refreshed again. TV and mobile phones are integrated with each other. ‏ TV enjoys millions of mobile applications, and ‏ turns the smart screen into a "giant screen phone" in a second. As Yu Chengdong said, ‏‏ "‏‏ in the past, everyone used to watch TV. Today, we can play TV on it, we can browse TV, we can shop on it, and we can shop directly on it. In the past, we couldn't do it. Now Huawei's smart screen can do ‏‏" ‏‏. ‏‏‏

‏ for the whole large screen industry, Huawei Smart screen V5 Pro can be said to be a product of cross-era significance. Its birth extends the ability boundary of TV infinitely, and brings users an advanced wisdom experience. ‏

‏ for Huawei, this is a ‏‏ attempt on the innovative ‏‏ road ‏‏. ‏‏ its ‏‏ uses the thinking of making a mobile phone to make a smart screen. In the future, ‏‏ will bring more wonderful products to users' ‏‏ and lead the development of the industry. ‏

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