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Godson Zhongke was selected by the International testing Committee Chip100 (2022-2023) World Chip contribution list.

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Thank netizens Cainiao N for the clue delivery!, December 4 (Xinhua)-- Godson official account announced in a tweet this morning that China was ranked second in the annual world chip contribution list (2022-2023). Godson was successfully selected into the annual list of world chip achievements and institutions, while Hu Weiwu, chairman of Godson, was selected into the annual list of world chip contributions.

According to reports, the International testing Commission (BenchCouncil) recently invited a number of independent scientists to select 97 representative achievements from tens of thousands of chip-related achievements in 2022-2023, and produce annual talent lists, institutional lists, and national lists in the chip field on the basis of identifying major contributors. This list, "Heroes only by contribution", is a "blockbuster" list that makes a comprehensive evaluation and comprehensive summary of the chip field.

▲ Picture Source Godson Chinese Science, the same below

As previously reported by, at the 2023 Godson product launch and user conference on November 28, Godson 3A6000's domestic desktop general-purpose processor was officially released, with four physical cores / eight logical cores and a main frequency of 2.0-2.5GHz.

According to the official measurement of Godson, the performance of 2.5GHz Godson 3A6000 can reach the level of Intel 10 Core 3.6GHz i3-10100, and the next step is to strive to use mature technology to achieve the performance of Intel and AMD advanced process CPU. In addition, products such as desktops, motherboards, notebooks and all-in-one computers based on Godson 3A6000 processors have been officially released.

The complete list of is as follows:

Chip100: Top 100Chips achievements (2022-2023)

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