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The HarmonyOS talent empowerment meeting will be held in Xiamen to build a bridge between the needs of enterprises and personnel training.

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Recently, the activity of "HDD Xiamen Station into HarmonyOS | Talent Empowerment Exchange" successfully landed in Xiamen. The event invited Hongmeng ecological empowerment experts, teachers from Xiamen Institute of Technology, School of Science of Jimei University and other universities, as well as Xiamen Yaji software & Cocos engine CEO, Chuanyi Zhuoyue Group Deputy General Manager and ecological partners such as CTO, Xiamen Jingtu Information, Genesis Thread Technology and other ecological partners to share their ideas on the training and construction of HarmonyOS talents. It has attracted more than 300 guests, such as university teachers, vocational training institutions, Hongmeng developers, to participate in the study and exchange, and went to Hongmeng to build new opportunities for ecological talents.

The purpose of this activity is to provide more universities, institutions and vocational training institutions with HarmonyOS talent construction and training experience, so as to lay a solid talent base for the prosperity of Hongmeng ecology.

Professor Gao Lizhen, Party Committee Secretary and Executive Dean of the School of Mechanical, Electrical and Information Engineering of Xiamen Institute of Technology, said: "HarmonyOS, a new operating system, brings opportunities and challenges to developers. The development of Hongmeng ecological equipment and applications is not achieved overnight, it is oriented to the Internet of everything and has a huge intelligent ecology and talent demand space for the whole scene. We plan to use practical teaching methods in the later stage to enable students to better master Hongmeng's technology and application development skills, improve their practical operation ability, and train more high-end talents needed by enterprises. "

With years of experience in HarmonyOS talent training and Hongmeng community empowerment, Wu Feng, deputy general manager of Fuzhou Chuanyi Zhuoyue Vocational skills training School Co., Ltd., said: "more and more head Internet enterprises, such as Meituan, Sina and NetEase, have joined Hongmeng Ecology, and the recruitment market has also staged a 'war of robbing people'. There is a big gap in the HarmonyOS talent market in the short term. In order to train more HarmonyOS talents to meet the actual needs, universities, institutions and ecological partners can jointly formulate HarmonyOS talent training plans, define training objectives and programs, and carry out customized training according to the needs of different fields and levels. "

Before the end of the event, Hongmeng ecological talent empowerment experts expressed deep gratitude to all the guests who participated in the event, and he said: "so far, Hongmeng ecological equipment has exceeded 700 million, and Hongmeng developers have exceeded 2.2 million. In the past five years, Hongmeng can achieve such achievements without the support and persistence of all ecological partners on the road of cultivating HarmonyOS talents." In order to comprehensively promote the development of Hongmeng ecological talents, Huawei has created a full journey HarmonyOS technology enabling kit, which provides all-round support from the aspects of perception, learning and evaluation, development and shelves, as well as technical support. As a Hongmeng one-stop ecological empowerment center, Huawei developer Alliance School mainly provides developers with one-stop services including learning, training, examination and certification, and has become the starting station and necessary place for many Hongmeng developers to "from entry to Nuggets". So far, Huawei developer Alliance School has studied more than 1.7 million people, and has issued Hongmeng School Certificate more than 70,000.

Ecological prosperity is inseparable from the support of talents. It is expected that more universities, institutions and enterprises can participate in the training of HarmonyOS talents. By formulating training plans, strengthening practical teaching, promoting school-enterprise cooperation and establishing a talent pool, we can jointly improve the training quality of HarmonyOS talents and contribute more to the prosperity and development of Hongmeng ecology. Only by bringing together more talents can Hongmeng ecology continue to innovate and prosper. Partners who are interested in learning more about Hongmeng ecology are welcome to go to Huawei Hongmeng School "HarmonyOS area" to learn related courses and obtain a series of professional certificates of "HarmonyOS Application developer Certification" in the "examination Certification" area.

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