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The Theory of Evolutionism of Decoding Mathematical Intelligence and creating a Model of entity embracing Digital economy

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Shulou( Report--

Holiday consumption is an important window to show economic vitality. Nowadays, live broadcasting, as the most concerned shopping consumption mode at present, has already become an important platform for major brands to explore and release growth potential energy. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day, the leading brand of marinated food industry, grasp the consumption trend, join hands to launch #Autumn also want happy duck #Double Festival celebration activity.

As the first battle of digital intelligence growth, the official direct broadcast room broke a number of records at one stroke: the monthly official live broadcast Top1 of the Chinese fast food industry, the monthly live broadcast of the Chinese fast food industry, the total GMV Top1, the single-game live broadcast transaction record of the stewed flavor industry, the first live broadcast transaction record of the stewed flavor industry, the first completion rate of the daily catering plate of the big brand...

(Data source: chatter official data September 22 to October 7 noon data statistics)

Behind a number of first is enough to surprise the market and industry report card, it is reported that during the project period, the taste GMV reached 66 million +, the number of orders completed 2.81 million + single. The live broadcast exposure PV173 million, the live broadcast exposure UV120 million, the video exposure VV130 million, and the total exposure 300 million + broke the historical peak of star live broadcasting in the chattering and stewing industry, and also confirmed the strong brand appeal of Juewei as a national stewed flavor.

Explore the development path of digital intelligence, and open up the "Ren Du Two Veins" of long-term operation of real economy

With the huge consumption potential released by the rapid development of China's digital economy, in the new journey of laying out cutting-edge science and technology, especially the digital intelligence economy, we will speed up the seizure of the commanding heights of future development and constantly explore the innovation path of digital intelligence. We have not only established our own research and development center, but also cooperated with scientific research institutions and universities to carry out a number of scientific research and technology developments, upgrade the level of automated production, and several intelligent and flexible production bases to integrate 5G, cloud computing, big data, AI artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies have been implemented to increase production capacity. On the one hand, further understand consumer demand, so as to optimize products and services and provide more targeted shopping experience; on the other hand, through digital all-channel operation, fully release the channel advantages of offline "ten thousand stores," realize the superposition of online and offline potential energy, and form a consumption ecology that drives offline real economy with online drainage.

Taking consumer demand as the core and adapting to consumers 'shopping methods are important factors for Juewei's digital intelligence development to achieve great results. For this reason, Juewei formed a young and imaginative digital intelligence team five. According to introduction,#Autumn also want happy duck #Double festival celebration activity is completely completed by the post-90s team, they start from the deep understanding of young consumer groups, with unique creativity combined with the new technology and new play method of chatter platform, realized the efficient link between products and consumers.

In addition, the "foundation" of growth lies in the long-term accumulation of unique flavor, the brand and scale advantages created by deep cultivation, and the exploration of the all-channel mode of online and offline integration. The number and speed of write-off of this activity far exceed the level of the same industry, and the write-off rate has exceeded 50%. On the one hand, thanks to the supply chain system of the whole country, the cold chain fresh products are distributed to stores, 15000 + offline stores and high-quality services, providing convenient write-off guarantee for consumers to deliver, so that consumers can taste fresh and spicy products in the first time. On the other hand, from the point of view of enabling franchisees, the actual transformation of sales has also effectively boosted the performance of franchisees and injected stronger online operation confidence into franchisees.

It is understood that Juewei will continue to increase the investment in digital intelligence and AIGC artificial intelligence in the future. More teams and talents in digital intelligence technology and operation are welcome to join, providing consumers with a better and more convenient happy shopping experience.

(Picture: Juewei Duck Neck Shake Direct Broadcasting Room)

Embracing the new generation of consumer groups, traditional stewed flavor can also be "more fashionable and younger"

In the process of digital intelligence development, Juewei is also rapidly harvesting the love of young main consumer groups. According to the data, among the consumers who celebrate the activities of #Happy Duck in Autumn, 19.7% of consumers aged 18 - 23, 36.89% of consumers aged 24 - 30, 34.51% of consumers aged 31 - 40, 56.59% of young consumers aged 18 - 30, and the young consumers of Generation Z occupy the absolute main force.

At the age of 18, he is young and has accumulated a good consumer base in the pursuit of product quality and taste in the past 18 years. In addition to providing healthy and delicious products, cultural increment X technology variables have also been greatly reflected here. The "National Tide Pride Search Big Data" jointly released by the Research Institute shows that the post-90s generation is the most concerned about the content related to the national tide, accounting for 48.6%. The most concerned about the content related to national style is after 00. With the "Generation Z" gradually moving towards the center of the stage of economy and society, they have stronger ability to accept new things and more cultural rationality, which affects young people's cognition and recognition of stewed taste culture and Chinese traditional food culture, which is the key factor to promote brand development.

Juewei continues to promote brand rejuvenation. This live broadcast activity in chatter takes digital marketing as the cut-in point, upgrades consumption scenarios, expands traffic breadth, excavates user depth, continuously raises the upper limit of young consumers through global digital operation for consumers, consolidates the brand background of Juewei focusing on young development and focusing on all-channel exploration, and also brings new inspiration to the whole leisure halogen products industry.

(Picture: Consumers are queuing for write-off in front of a store in Juewei Duck Neck)

From this point of view, the outstanding live broadcast record is only an epitome on the road of high-quality development. As the representative of stewed food, the taste does not stop at the short-term flow dividend, but conforms to the trend of the era of accelerated development of digital economy, makes use of new ideas, new technologies and new platforms, takes the enabling real economy as the driving force, takes serving consumers as the core, and always insists on creating all-channel happy consumption experience, contributing surging momentum to the development of the industry.

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