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Download and release the latest official version of Wechat Android version 8.0.44

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Shulou( Report-- December 4 news, WeChat Android platform ushered in the official version of 8.0.44 update, this update installation package file details are as follows:

WeChat Android 8.0.44 (ARM64) Installation Package File Size 249.26 MB Update Time 2023-12-04 17:38MD5ac4ba3c94a4c70cf4760b009a6345c10 Target API30 (Android 11) Minimum Support 23 (Android 6.0) It is worth mentioning that this update APK installation package, target API changed from 29 (Android 10) to 30 (Android 11).

Other than that, we haven't seen any other obvious changes yet. We also welcome friends to post what you have found to to share with you.

According to the official Android WeChat 8.0.44 developer features announced by WeChat, this version brings the following changes in development content:

Mini programs

1. The native title of Mini programs is centered. Please pay attention to whether the navigationbar-related api and getMenuButtonBoundingClientRect perform normally.

2, positioning sdk update, please pay attention to whether the performance of the relevant api is normal

3. AI reasoning module bottom reconstruction, please pay attention to whether the function is normal

Mini games

1. Position sdk update. Please pay attention to whether the performance of relevant api is normal.

2. The bottom layer of audio playback module is reconstructed. Please pay attention to whether the function is normal.

How to download the latest official beta version of WeChat? Open Weixin Official Accounts and reply to the word "WeChat" to get the latest official internal version of WeChat download.

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