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Sounding the horn of rebound, the agency predicts that global semiconductor revenue will grow by 17% in 2024.

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Shulou( Report--, December 5, according to the latest report released by market research firm Gartner, global semiconductor industry revenue is expected to reach $624 billion in 2024, up 16.8% from a year earlier. The market reached $534 billion in 2030, down 10.9%.

Alan Priestley, vice president of Gartner analyst, said

The rise of artificial intelligence has increased strong demand for chips such as GPU, but it has not stopped the semiconductor industry from seeing a double-digit revenue decline of 11 per cent in 2023.

Reduced demand from smartphone and PC customers, coupled with weak spending by data centres / super-large companies, is affecting semiconductor industry revenues this year.

However, driven by double-digit growth in the memory market, there will be a significant rebound in 2024, with revenue growth for all chip types.

The agency estimates that the global memory market will rebound by 66.3% in 2024 after falling 38.8% in 2023.

Weak demand and falling prices due to oversupply will lead to NAND flash revenue of $35.4 billion this year, down 38.8 per cent from a year earlier.

In the next 3-6 months, NAND industry prices will hit bottom and the situation of suppliers will improve. Gartner analysts expect a strong recovery in 2024, with revenue rising to $53 billion, up 49.6% from a year earlier.

Due to oversupply and insufficient demand, DRAM suppliers are chasing market prices to reduce inventory. By the fourth quarter of 2023, the supply glut in the DRAM market will continue, which will trigger a price rebound. However, the full effect of the price increase will not be seen until 2024, when DRAM revenue is expected to grow 88% to $87.4 billion.

The development of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and large language models is driving the need to deploy GPU-based high-performance servers and accelerators in data centers. Therefore, workload accelerators need to be deployed in data center servers to support training and reasoning of AI workloads.

Gartner analysts estimate that data centers, including workload accelerators, will add more than 20 per cent of new servers by 2027 due to the integration of AI technology.

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