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OpenAI COO: don't expect artificial intelligence to bring about substantial business change overnight

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Shulou( Report--, December 5 (Xinhua)-- while OpenAI is trying to develop enterprise users, some executives at the company warn people not to expect the technology to change their business quickly.

In an interview with CNBC, Brad Lightcap, chief operating officer of OpenAI, said that one of the most overhyped parts of artificial intelligence is that "it can bring about substantial business change in one fell swoop." Lightcap points out that many companies approach OpenAI and expect generative AI to solve many problems, slash costs, and generate growth when their business is in trouble. Although there is room for further improvement in AI, "there will never be an AI technology that can completely solve these problems," and it is still in its infancy, he said. He added that AI is still in the experimental stage and has not yet become part of key tools and applications. notes that OpenAI has previously launched an enterprise version of its popular ChatGPT, promising better protection for companies that want to protect proprietary and sensitive data, and more fine-tuning options for the model. Lightcap said it was still working to coordinate and deploy ChatGPT Enterprise Edition for many enterprises.

Consumers and businesses see the potential of generative AI, and concerns about accidental data breaches have prompted developers such as OpenAI, Microsoft and Amazon to launch enterprise-oriented versions of the generative AI model.

In companies that adopted AI in the early days, some employees complained that AI didn't really reduce their workload. According to a new report by The Information, employees at Morgan Stanley have complained that the chatbot built by the bank in partnership with OpenAI is not being used by its expected wealth manager target audience because people prefer to call real people for information.

In journalism, publishers also tried to use AI to generate news stories and produce more content for less money, but some companies slowed their plans after some insensitive, stupid and inaccurate articles appeared.

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