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The US Environmental Protection Agency publishes Tesla's Cybertruck file to reveal more vehicle details.

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Shulou( Report--, December 5, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently released the official document of Tesla Cybertruck, revealing more details of the electric pickup truck.

First of all, the certification summary information report (Certification Summary Information Report) submitted by Tesla on November 21, 2023 mentioned that the total voltage of the battery pack is 816V, the battery energy capacity is 150A hours, and the specific energy of the battery is 170Wh / kg. This means that the Cybertruck has an energy capacity of 122.4 kWh, which is consistent with the unofficially confirmed data of 123 kWh in some reports. Unfortunately, Tesla did not release the battery capacity of the Cybertruck.

Tesla also submitted an initial application for a certificate of conformity on November 11, 2023, which confirmed the existence of the heat pump. This is not surprising because most of the new Tesla models are equipped with heat pumps, and spy photos shared by members of the Cybertruck owners' club earlier this year show the cooling system at the back of the front suitcase. In principle, the heat pump uses the heat generated by the battery and drive unit to heat the car, save energy and increase mileage, which is especially critical in winter.

In addition, there is an interesting detail about Cybertruck charging. The charging port of the car is located on the rear left fender and will display different colors according to the charging status (SoC) of the battery. For example, a continuous white light indicates that the charging cord can be plugged and unplugged. The orange light indicates that the charging line is not locked correctly, while the blue flashing light indicates that the charging is going on as expected, and so on.

Finally, the Cybertruck weighs 6898 pounds ( Note: about 3132 kg), the all-wheel drive version weighs 6669 pounds (about 3028 kg), and both versions of the vehicle have a rated gross weight (GVWR) of 9169 pounds (about 4163 kg).

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