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More than 500 RTX games and apps; new Game Ready drivers for call of Duty, etc.

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Since 2018, with the help of ray tracing and AI driver technology, including DLSS, NVIDIARTX technology is revolutionizing the way people play and create games. On December 4th, NVIDIA announced that there are now more than 500 games and applications supporting NVIDIA RTX technology. To celebrate this milestone, NVIDIA launched a RTX500 event.

In addition, on December 4th, in support of the first season of call of Duty ®: modern Warfare ®III 2023 (CallofDuty:ModernWarfareIII), Cyberpunk 2077: the Ultimate Collection (Cyberpunk2077:UltimateEdition) and version update 2.1, Nvidia released the new GeForceGameReady driver, which provides optimized support for games such as King and Freedom (THRONEANDLIBERTY) and Avatar: Pandora Border (Avatar:FrontiersofPandora) on the day of their release.

500 RTX games and apps: IT'SON!

RTX integrates a complete technology ecosystem to make a high-performance, high-fidelity gaming experience a reality. Ray tracing technology driven by a dedicated RTCore brings immersive lighting and reflection to the game. NVIDIADLSS delivers industry-leading AI graphics acceleration through TensorCore, increasing the performance of Cyberpunk 2077 (Cyberpunk2077) by up to fivefold.

On December 4th, NVIDIA ushered in a landmark day-# RTXON# games and apps now have more than 500!

The enthusiastic embrace of RTX technology is impressive, with 87 million hours of RTX games per week. Ninety-seven percent of players who use the GeForceRTX40 series GPU turn on RTX technology in Cyberpunk2077. The same is true of other major games, with 98% of NARAKA:BLADEPOINT players opening RTX, 99% of my World RTX (MinecraftwithRTX) players opening RTX, 99% of Soul Killer 2 (AlanWake2) players opening RTX, and DiabloIV players opening RTX to 96%.

GameReady driver release for "call of Duty ®: modern Warfare ®III 2023" (CallofDuty:ModernWarfareIII)

The first season of call of Duty ®: modern ®III 2023 (CallofDuty:ModernWarfareIII) and call of Duty: theater (CallofDuty:Warzone) will be launched in early December. Call of ™(CallofDuty:Warzone ™) and the new Urzikstan Grand Maps, three new core 6v6 multiplayer maps, other maps and models, as well as a large number of free and advanced content, including free feature weapons, will bring a whole new gaming experience to gamers. With this new driver, GeForce players can play games freely.

In each mode, GeForce players can increase the frame rate with AI-driven DLSS3, or maximize image quality with DLAA. With the introduction of NVIDIAReflex, "call of Duty ®: modern Warfare ®III 2023" (CallofDuty:ModernWarfareIII) will be more responsive.

On December 6th, call of Duty ®: modern Warfare ®III 2023 (CallofDuty:ModernWarfareIII) and call of Duty: theater (CallofDuty:Warzone) Game preparation Hall will introduce panoramic ray tracing and NVIDIADLSS3.5 with light reconstruction (RayReconstruction). The driver supports these updates.

GameReady driver release for Cyberpunk 2077: the Ultimate Collection (Cyberpunk2077:UltimateEdition) and version 2.1

Recently, CDPROJEKTRED released Cyberpunk 2077: the Ultimate Collection (Cyberpunk2077:UltimateEdition), which includes the basic game and the critically acclaimed PhantomLiberty espionage suspense style expansion, as well as all updates, in-game patches and enhancements since the game was released in 2020. With this driver, players will make full use of the panoramic ray tracing, DLSS3.5 with light reconstruction function (RayReconstruction), Reflex and other functions in "Cyberpunk 2077: ultimate Collection" (Cyberpunk2077:UltimateEdition).

In addition, Cyberpunk2077 2077 version update 2.1 will be released on December 5 for all players to play for free. The update includes new game content and technical enhancements to further improve image quality, immersion and fidelity. Cyberpunk2077 RayTracing: speeding mode (RayTracing:OverdriveMode) ends the preview phase with improved image quality and new features; when RayTracing reflection is turned on, you can use DLSS Ray Reconstruction (RayReconstruction), either as part of the default or when configuring custom settings, allowing more players to benefit from its incredible RayTracing enhancements.

This week's DLSS game news includes:

● call of Duty ®: modern Warfare ®III 2023 (CallofDuty:ModernWarfareIII)-pre-game panoramic ray tracing and NVIDIADLSS3.5 with light reconstruction (RayReconstruction) will be added on December 6. GeForceRTX players can activate the pre-game panoramic ray tracing function in the game preparation halls of call of Duty ®: modern Warfare ®III 2023 (CallofDuty:ModernWarfareIII) and call of Duty: theater (CallofDuty:Warzone) to view characters, skins, vehicles and weapons in a new perspective.

● call of Duty: theater (CallofDuty:Warzone)-call of Duty: theater season 1: Kazakhstan (CallofDuty:WarzoneSeason1:Urzikstan)-will be released on December 6 in support of DLSS3. All modes now support NVIDIADLSS3, NVIDIADLSS2, NVIDIADLAA, NVIDIAReflex and NVIDIA Image Enhancement Technology (NVIDIA ImageScaling), providing a perfect PC experience for GeForceRTX gamers.

● "Cyberpunk 2077: ultimate Collection" (Cyberpunk2077:UltimateEdition)-version 2.1 will be released together with Cyberpunk 2077: ultimate Collection (Cyberpunk2077:UltimateEdition) on December 5 to achieve synchronization between the two versions. This incredible game has a wealth of major updates and new technology enhancements for PC players. All versions of Cyberpunk 2077 (Cyberpunk2077) support panoramic ray tracing, NVIDIADLSS3.5 ray reconstruction (RayReconstruction), NVIDIADLSS3 frame generation (FrameGeneration), DLSS2 super resolution (SuperResolution), and NVIDIAReflex.

GameReady driver brings more features and upgrades

The new GameReady driver adds support for 7 G-SYNCCompatible displays, including:

● Asustek PG49WCD

● Asustek PG34WCDM

● Asustek VG27AQM1A

● pirate ship 315QHD165

● LG27GR95QE

● LG27GR95UM

● Philips 27M1N5500ZR

The new GameReady driver supports GeForceExperience one-click optimization settings for 12 new games, including:

● "Ark: survival and rise" (ARK:SurvivalAscended)

● call of Duty ®: modern ®III 2023 (CallofDuty:ModernWarfareIII)

● Metropolis: skyline 2 (Cities:Skylines2)

● Football Manager 2024 (FootballManager2024)

● "II for my King" (ForTheKingII)

● foxhole (Foxhole)

● "Ghost Walker 2" (Ghostrunner2)

● "Dragon of Man 7: nameless Dragon" (LikeaDragonGaiden:TheManWhoErasedHisName)

● Robocop: violent City (RoboCop:RogueCity)

● "Front Line" (TheFront)

● Invincible (TheInvincible)

● "Lord of the Rings: returning to Moria" (TheLordofTheRings:ReturntoMoria)

About Game Ready driver

The GeForceGameReady driver provides the best experience for your favorite games, works with developers to fine tune and extensively tests thousands of desktop and laptop hardware configurations for optimal performance and reliability.

The NVIDIAGameReady driver was created from the beginning as a way to provide the best gaming experience. The project works with game developers to establish regular exchange of pre-release game iterations and driven updates. NVIDIA works with game owners to find optimization solutions, solve problems, and iterate the driver versions accordingly to ensure that the game and GameReady drivers provide the best quality and performance at release.


Since its inception in 1993, NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) has been a pioneer in accelerated computing. GPU, invented by NVIDIA in 1999, has driven the growth of the PC game market, redefined modern computer graphics, ushered in the modern AI era, and is promoting cross-market industrial digitization. NVIDIA is now a full-stack computing company, and its data center-scale solutions are reshaping the industry.

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