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Prosperous ecology, talent comes first | the first OpenHarmony talent ecology conference will be held in Shanghai.

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Shulou( Report--

On December 12, 2023, the OpenHarmony Talent Ecology Conference (hereinafter referred to as "the Congress") will be held in Shanghai. The conference is sponsored by the working Committee of OpenAtom OpenHarmony (hereinafter referred to as "OpenHarmony") project group, and supported by Huawei Terminal Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd., Jiangsu run Kaihong Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Honghu Wanlian (Jiangsu) Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jiulian Kaihong Technology Development Co., Ltd., Hunan Kaihong Zhigu Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd.

With the theme of "Prosperity Ecology, talents first", this Congress is aimed at university teachers and representatives of community co-construction units who pay attention to OpenHarmony talent ecology, introduce the ecology and talent progress of OpenHarmony community, show the technological innovation of OpenHarmony operating system, share stage technological achievements, and explore and exchange together around various problems, challenges and practices faced in the ecological development of OpenHarmony talents.

Share the ecological achievements of talents and show the progress of technological innovation

OpenHarmony is an open source project incubated and operated by the Open Atomic Open Source Association (OpenAtom Foundation). The goal is to build a framework and platform for intelligent terminal device operating systems based on open source, and to promote the prosperity and development of the Internet of everything industry. Following the principle of "co-building, co-governance and sharing", OpenHarmony has attracted more than 220partners to join OpenHarmony ecological co-construction. More than 440 software and hardware products have passed the OpenHarmony compatibility test, covering, education, transportation, public safety, smart city and other industries, and have become the root community of the next generation intelligent terminal operating system and the base of the Internet of everything.

Industrial development is inseparable from talent training. In order to train more ecological talents and strengthen the emerging ecological power of OpenHarmony, ecological partners work together with colleges and universities to build a closed-loop ecological chain of talent training. This conference is full of celebrities, and university teachers, partners of co-building units, and community experts will be invited to gather together to bring a lot of practical information to the participants with heavy announcements and brilliant topics.

A big release to share the new future of talent ecology.

The conference will focus on national strategy, contribute to the training of OpenHarmony talents, create a high-standard teaching practice platform, the first "China Postgraduate operating system Open Source Innovation Competition" will be released at this conference.

At the same time, the conference will also release the content to jointly build the "OpenHarmony Star Plan", collect and build for teaching materials, courses, MOOC and Demo cases, highlight the characteristics of OpenHarmony, put forward demonstration examples, help the rapid curriculum construction, and gather into a resource database of university content. In addition, in order to help all kinds of developers learn and grow and complete professional progress, the OpenHarmony Project Group Talent Certification Program will also be launched at the same time.

In addition to the important release of competitions and content co-construction, in order to respond positively to the call of the Ministry of Education of "persisting in promoting production through education, teaching assistants and deepening industry-education integration", the "National Intelligent property Association Industry-Education Integration Community-Hubei region" and "National OpenHarmony Intelligent Terminal and Union of things Industry Industry-Education Integration Community" will be released at this conference.

On December 12, let's meet in Shanghai to gather at the OpenHarmony Talent Ecology Conference to exchange ideas and share the latest practical cases of talent training. Expect more universities, partners and contributors to join the OpenHarmony community to explore the future direction of OpenHarmony.

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