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Xiaomi Group issues White Paper on Climate Action to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040

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Thank you, Mr. Air, a netizen of, for your clue delivery! news on December 5, according to Xiaomi company official account, Xiaomi today released a "Xiaomi Group Climate Action White Paper", mainly demonstrating Xiaomi's "zero-carbon philosophy and methodology for achieving zero-carbon transformation" and "Green applications of AIoT products". learned from Xiaomi's press release that Xiaomi plans to recycle a total of 38000 tons of e-waste in 2022-2026 and invest it in a large number of recycling projects, and the company is further developing a recycling business model. The company has launched a series of sustainability initiatives and action plans around the world.

▲ Tuyuan Xiaomi official account Xiaomi has established a net zero roadmap based on ISO Net Zero Guidelines, promising to achieve carbon neutralization of its existing business x its own operations by 2040, and to ensure that the implementation of the emission reduction path is synchronized with the 1.5C target through periodic review and transparent reporting.

▲ Tuyuan Xiaomi official account Xiaomi also claimed that the company will improve energy efficiency by using AI technology in the manufacturing industry and using the AIoT system to make it easy for users to track and monitor electricity consumption.

Xiaomi also claimed that the recently released OS also played a key role in reducing system redundancy and improving energy efficiency, claiming to "directly contribute to the goal of reducing e-waste and promoting sustainable global consumption".

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