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Live up to the reputation of "Lamp Factory", SAIC Audi Q6 brings new travel experience with intelligent lighting technology.

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The development and evolution of Audi lighting technology not only gives Audi models a unique appearance, but also makes the majority of Audi owners conquer the night road on the way. Among Audi models, SAIC Audi Q6 continues the lighting system of Audi brand, combines science and technology with light and shadow, further improves intelligent lighting technology, and provides security for users to travel. it also brings unlimited surprises for users' driving experience.

Equipped with unique lighting art, SAIC Audi Q6 brings users a feast of light and shadow.

Audi has always had the reputation of "lamp factory". As its model, SAIC Audi Q6 naturally brings light and shadow aesthetic enjoyment to users. It adopts brand-new external lighting components, and the door frame is equipped with standard metal luminous welcome strips, which shows the fashion sense and shows the respect and splendor of SAIC Audi Q6 as the flagship "Roadjet land special plane" model. When the family gets on and off the bus, the side of SAIC Audi Q6 will project a large light blanket, and it will naturally become virtual at the end, just like open wings to welcome users to board the car, ritual feeling full.

In order to design an interior lighting system that can meet the needs of different family members, SAIC Audi Q6 skillfully arranges 30 × 30 combination atmosphere lights in every corner of the cockpit, including fantasy style, daylight style, passion style, seaside style and other five themes. The lights will flash with the rhythm of the music, showing users a layered visual effect of light and shadow. In addition, the passenger side dashboard is also equipped with a colorful atmosphere lighting panel with the word "quattro", which not only adds a sense of hierarchy to the whole vehicle, but also makes the car body more eye-catching and safer to drive.

Integrated with intelligent technology, SAIC Audi Q6 innovative lighting system

For SAIC Audi, the headlight system is not only a part of vehicle personalized design, but also plays an important role in travel safety. On the other hand, SAIC Audi Q6 is equipped with intelligent matrix LED headlights on both sides, which is composed of 16 LED pixels, which allows users to understand the road conditions in front of the car more clearly, while at the same time preventing the lights from interfering with the vision of other owners when meeting the car, thus improving the safety of driving.

The combination of penetrating streamer LED taillights and rear wing quattro brake lights not only achieves high body recognition, but also brings users the aesthetic experience of science and technology. With the word "quattro" red light and shadow suspended on the rear window, forming a more individual characteristics of high brake lights visual effects, while the integration of intelligent matrix variable technology, DLA intelligent high light, AFS intelligent follow-up steering three major lighting technology, but also the sense of luxury and technology to show incisively and vividly.

In addition to the blessing of lighting intelligent technology, SAIC Audi Q6 is also equipped with an L2 + level intelligent driving assistance system, including lane centering, fatigue monitoring, lane emergency braking and other functions to ensure travel safety at all times.

It can be said that SAIC Audi Q6 can be loved by users, which is closely related to its advanced aesthetic concept and intelligent lighting technology. It integrates luxury, science and technology, fashion, and through the intelligent technology of the headlight system, it brings users a technological aesthetic experience of sensory integration, which not only satisfies users' fantasy about luxury SUV models, but also brings users a surprising driving experience.

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