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Seven Rainbow launches RTX 3060 DUO 12G V3 graphics card, priced at 2099 yuan

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Shulou( Report-- December 5 news, Seven Rainbow is now on the shelves of the new RTX 3060 DUO 12G V3 graphics card, the price 2099 yuan. learned from the Seven Rainbow customer service that this V3 RTX 3060 graphics card uses the GA106 core, while the old V2 is GA106 / GA104. In terms of other parameters, V3 and V2 are the same.

In terms of parameters, the Seven Rainbow RTX 3060 DUO 12G V3 graphics card has a 3584 CUDA core, core frequency 1777MHz, and is equipped with 12GB 192bit GDDR6 memory. The power interface is 8pin, double 6mm heat pipes radiate, the length is 253.4mm, and the video interface includes three DP and one HDMI. Seven Rainbow (Colorful) Tomahawk GeForce RTX 3060 DUO V3 graphics card 2099 yuan direct link

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