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The international standard of the world's first mobile terminals (mobile phones) computing photography system has been released, dominated by sound transmission.

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According to the news of on December 6, Transmittal Holdings announced today that it will take the lead and jointly with Beijing University of posts and Telecommunications in the field of computational photography submitted by the International Standards Organization ITU (International Telecommunication Union). It finally passed the evaluation of the Plenary meeting of the 16th Research Group of the International Telecommunication Union (hereinafter referred to as ITU-T SG16), and was officially released as the first batch of international standards in the field of computing photography for mobile terminals. It fills the gap of international standards in this field.

According to reports, since 2020, sound transmission will accelerate the standardization and systematic construction of computing photography in mobile terminals. Up to now, six proposals related to mobile terminal computing photography have been submitted by ITU-T, and five have been successfully established so far. During the three-year iterative evolution, three of the standard proposals were approved and approved at the ITU-T SG16 plenary meeting in July 2023 after review and discussion at many international conferences and dozens of rounds of manuscript revision and optimization, and finally released as formal standards.

The international standards for this transmission include:

F.740.7 "Reference architecture and requirements for mobile terminal computational photography systems" (reference architecture and requirements of computing photography system for mobile terminals)

F.740.4 "Metadata for image aesthetics assessment with aesthetic attributes in mobile terminal computational photography system" (Aesthetic Factor metadata for Image Aesthetics Evaluation in Computational Photography system of Mobile Terminal)

F.740.5 "Data collection and annotation requirements for AWB enhancement in mobile terminal for digital culture" (automatic white balance enhancement data acquisition and annotation for digital culture in mobile terminal computing photography system)

Voice Holdings said that at present, computational photography has become the future trend of mobile photography and the focus of R & D investment areas of smart hardware manufacturers. With the continuous development and progress of computational photography technology, its application scenarios are becoming more and more abundant, but the industry is still lack of unified technical standards and systems.

This series of standards put forward the definition and system architecture of mobile terminal computing photography, and further promote the construction of standards in the direction of image system processing flow and metadata, image enhancement technology, dual photo collaboration technology, image aesthetic evaluation, and so on. Audio transmission will combine the upstream and downstream of the industry chain and the construction of industry experts to realize the omni-directional layout of international standards in the field of computational photography.

▲ audio transmission Tecno Phantom X2 flagship mobile phone learned from the official announcement that voice transmission carries out standardization construction in four areas: mobile terminal computing photography system requirements and application scenarios, business core system architecture, key technologies and quality evaluation system.

The connotation and extension of mobile terminal computing photography system, the definition of technical category, system requirements and typical application scenarios.

System architecture, business processes and interface metadata

Standardized definition of key technology process agreement and multi-photo collaboration

The evaluation system of computational photography, standardizing automatic image evaluation technology and so on.

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