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Himalaya denies cutting staff by 30%, and senior vice president Qin Lei confirms that he has resigned.

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Thanks to netizens for the clue delivery! December 6 news, the city boundary Pro reported yesterday that the Himalayas plan to cut staff across the board in the near future, with a proportion of about 30%. "the products are the most, the operation is the second, the technology is relatively less, and the remaining products and technologies are merged, and the industry and research are integrated."

In response to the above news, the Himalayas responded to the interface news as "completely untrue". The media also confirmed that Qin Lei, senior vice president of the Himalayas, had resigned. Qin Lei was in charge of product, growth and content ecology in the Himalayas.

As previously reported by, Himalaya submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on March 30, 2022, vigorously developing artificial intelligence and big data technology. According to official figures, by the end of 2022, the Himalayas had created more than 37000 audio book albums through AIGC.

City Pro also reported that in the recent Himalayan internal business meeting, Himalayan co-CEO Chen Xiaoyu publicly said that the Himalayas do not use operations and products in the future, requiring that the future App "mainly rely on AI."

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