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The official trailer of "GTA6" has exceeded 100 million views, surpassing the previous game "GTA5".

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Shulou( Report-- news on December 6, R Star released the trailer of "GTA6 (Grand Theft Auto VI)" at around 7 o'clock yesterday morning. The official trailer reached 99.13 million views in the 24th hour after it was released. As of, the official forecast of "GTA6" has exceeded 100 million. noted that at present, the trailer of "GTA6" has surpassed the first trailer of "GTA5" to become the most viewed video in the official YouTube channel of R Star. In addition, "GTA6" has also driven the number of trailers of "GTA5" to exceed 100 million.

As far as game trailers are concerned, the trailer of "GTA6" is second only to the official trailer of "Minecraft" (160 million), and has previously reported that "GTA6" trailer has become the most watched non-music video in 24 hours in YouTube history.

Currently, officials have shared the "GTA6" high-definition wallpaper, and the transcribed wallpaper is as follows:

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