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The complete agenda of the 18th Annual ceremony of China's IDC Industry

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Shulou( Report--

The 18th Annual ceremony of China's IDC Industry (IDCC2023) will be held in Beijing National Convention Center on December 12-14. With the theme of "Computational Evolution of Digital products", the ceremony will focus on the hot spots of the industry and bring together elites in the industry to discuss the development direction and future trend of the digital economy.

IDCC2023 is rich in content and celebrities gather in three days:

12-day focus [Computing Infrastructure and Digital Industry]

The IDCC main venue is wonderful all day. In the afternoon, the Financial Industry Computing Center Summit Forum, the plenary working meeting of the data Center Committee of the China Communications Industry Association will be held, and the annual award ceremony of China's IDC industry will also be held in the main venue.

13 Japanese Communist Party [high-quality development of numeracy]

The 2023 National Conference on the High-quality Development of the Computing Industry runs through the whole day, and the annual closing meeting of the mayor of "East and West". The data center technological innovation series special show, the computing infrastructure construction forum and the data center international cooperation conference will bring wonderful content in the morning and afternoon respectively. More enterprise special show: lighting up green computing-Siemens data center solution 3.0 conference (morning), China Communications Industry Association data center committee member standard interpretation special session (afternoon) around the solution, industry standards in-depth exposition.

14-day outlook [intelligence emerges and opens up all things]

Tencent Technology Hi Tech Day Conference and 2023 Digital Open things Conference will be held all day, with new digital economy, data elements, AI model, and industrial digitization. Invite top academicians, industry scholars and business executives in the digital field to gather at the scene to bring a digital feast to witness the tipping point of science and technology!

For more highlights and highlights, please see the complete agenda of IDCC2023!

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