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Tencent TDesign Flutter component library is open source, providing a unified style of cross-platform App design.

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Thanks to netizens for the clues of crucian carp snow fox to deliver! news on December 7, Tencent opened up TDesign Flutter on GitHub, a Flutter UI component library for mobile App development, using the MIT open source protocol.

According to reports, TDesign Flutter has the following characteristics:

Flutter UI component library that provides TDesign design style

Support customizing themes according to App design style

Provide common Icon libraries and support custom replacement

Define color groups according to TDesign specification, which can be viewed in TDColors to facilitate adaptation of TDesign specification components.

The color value declaration class can add default colors to view the default display effect of color values in real time. query learned that TDesign is a set of enterprise design system precipitated by various business teams of Tencent in the process of serving the business. Based on the design architecture specification of TDesign, TDesign has launched both the desktop side and the mobile side of the component library, and provides a number of technology stack versions, including Vue2, Vue Next, React and so on.

Flutter is Google's open source application development framework, which can build multi-platform applications compiled on native platforms only through a set of code bases.

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